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Think it through….

Have you experienced a setback? A situation where you feel overwhelmed, trapped, or defeated? This can stop you in your path. You can find yourself frozen in place. Setbacks are experiences. These are opportunities to learn. These experiences may feel traumatic to us. However, it does not negate the accomplishments and successes we have achieved. … Continue reading Think it through….

Potential, Purpose & Passion

Thursday is a day for thinking and thoughts. I am thinking lots of P words today! This week has focused on Potential. In the past posts, I have mentioned Purpose and Passion. I often talk about your spiritual side and the power of prayer. Maybe we should ponder on these P words today to see … Continue reading Potential, Purpose & Passion

Thursday Thoughts- How leaders can calm the sea?

Leaders are faced with mighty waves on some days. This “sea” of waves can come crashing into the shore, but leaders know how to shift to respond. High or low tides, leaders can prioritize the needs. “Shell,” we take a look into ways to help calm the waters? Thursday thoughts will tidy things up for … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts- How leaders can calm the sea?