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Monday Happiness

“Happiness is something that multiplies when it is divided.” ~Paulo Coelho What is your definition of happiness? Take a moment to reflect on this question before we dive into the topic at hand. Happiness is a complex concept, one that varies from person to person. It encompasses positive emotions, life satisfaction, and a sense of … Continue reading Monday Happiness

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

We have many days of the year marked as special days to celebrate something. Even months are dedicated to celebrating a particular cause, a point in history, or a reminder to ourselves about the importance of specific detailed information. Do we need all of these days to remind us to celebrate events, things, people, and … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

Friday Finds 1, 2023

Friday can find many things if we allow our hearts and brains to open to discovering. Today we end a week with teacher tips, advice, feedback, thoughts about hope, and CHOICE. In communication, listening is always the best form. You can not communicate well if you are not listening, especially to what is not said. … Continue reading Friday Finds 1, 2023