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Back to School 2023-2024

Prayers for all of the staff, students and families for a great school year! Enjoy this school year! Get to know each other Learn and discover Explore and be creative Stand up and Speak up Ask questions Remember to be part of the solution Make a new friend Include others Talk with trusted adults (Family, … Continue reading Back to School 2023-2024

We Can with Two Rules Wednesday 13

Two Rules is the foundation of building more than feeling good and safe. The Two Rules philosophy is a promise to students that their welfare is the center of a school’s culture: Everyone will feel good in this school and everyone will feel safe in this school. It is also a request that students work … Continue reading We Can with Two Rules Wednesday 13

We Can with Two Rules Wednesday 5

Two Rules We have covered what the two rules are and the questions to ask. This is the foundation and beginning of building on so much more in our process of developing this philosophy. One of the skill sets is resilience. How can you build resilience? This is a skill set we work on all … Continue reading We Can with Two Rules Wednesday 5

We can Wednesday with Two Rules (4)

Two Rules Bringing Two Rules to your school is reinforced by recognizing the importance of building good habits. One concept I reinforced over and over with students was that when something becomes a habit, it can move you from where you are. A good habit can move you forward; a bad habit can have unpleasant … Continue reading We can Wednesday with Two Rules (4)

Relationships are Built over time

Establishing a foundation is the beginning of what we do in building a relationship. As educators, we take dedicated steps to ensure families have all the information they need at the beginning of the year to support their child/children. Open houses are held where families can come to “meet the teacher,” as well as the … Continue reading Relationships are Built over time

Thursday Thought Leadership- 1-19-23

At the start of every year, I go through all of my medical appointments to check on my health. My life journey has provided me with many opportunities to experience challenges to overcome. While talking with my neurologists, we discussed work. I am thankful to all of those who are part of my medical team … Continue reading Thursday Thought Leadership- 1-19-23

Friday Finds 1, 2023

Friday can find many things if we allow our hearts and brains to open to discovering. Today we end a week with teacher tips, advice, feedback, thoughts about hope, and CHOICE. In communication, listening is always the best form. You can not communicate well if you are not listening, especially to what is not said. … Continue reading Friday Finds 1, 2023

What “Prescription” do you need?

Are we back to normal yet? What is normal? Many of the challenges and frustrations before the pandemic remain. In addition to those, we find many more to add to them. These factors deplete our emotional reserves and leave us feeling empty and deflated. We just had a holiday break, and many found themselves looking … Continue reading What “Prescription” do you need?