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Wednesday Words- Give and Take

This past week I posted a message about being careful of not depleting your energy and making sure others around you are adding value to your life. I have also posted a message about the choices everyone makes and the importance of teaching these to students. I was told once that I may have small-town … Continue reading Wednesday Words- Give and Take

Words of Wisdom, Wednesday Classroom

Everyone in education knows Harry and Rosemary Wong. Their famous book, The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher, is one of the books every practicing teacher has read or heard about in coursework. They believe the classroom's number one problem comes from procedures and routines. It is a solid foundation for … Continue reading Words of Wisdom, Wednesday Classroom

Wednesday Words 1, 2023

We have power in the words we use and the actions we take or choose not to take. This year my word is “Grit,” and I am working each day to provide for all of you resources, tools, ideas, motivation, inspiration, and spiritual blessings as we continue to move forward with solutions for better tomorrows … Continue reading Wednesday Words 1, 2023

What “Prescription” do you need?

Are we back to normal yet? What is normal? Many of the challenges and frustrations before the pandemic remain. In addition to those, we find many more to add to them. These factors deplete our emotional reserves and leave us feeling empty and deflated. We just had a holiday break, and many found themselves looking … Continue reading What “Prescription” do you need?

Understanding Civics and Citizenship

Teaching civics should entail our political, social, and economic systems. It is essential to teach our students about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. In addition, helping to provide students with ways they can engage with the political process through voting, service, and volunteering. Tuesday, November 8, 2022, is Election Day, and I am writing … Continue reading Understanding Civics and Citizenship


Focus On Responding My Two Rule Philosophy is about feeling good and feeling safe. Implementing this philosophy helps children of all ages to learn: Seeing situations from another person’s perspective. Becoming aware of how to be safe. Becoming aware of what feeling good is like. Learning to be responsive instead of reactive. Developing compassion for … Continue reading F.O.R