Thanks for checking out be the solution daily. I hope you follow and spend time with me as we find solutions. The journey we all travel is unique to each traveler, but we have so much we can share, learn, encourage and inspire as we go.

My story

Who am I? Each one of us has a story to tell, share and provide information we hope others will find useful in some way. As the pages of my blog unfold, the stories I share are from my personal and professional life. My faith as a Christian is the foundation of who I am and provides me with the guidance I need.
I am a wife to my high school sweetheart Zeke for 37 years. We were honored to be part of the United States Navy as we welcomed our daughter to our family after our first year. Our family grew over the years as our son-in-law joined and three grandchildren. We now have a 14 year old granddaughter, 7 year old grandson and a 4 year old grandson.

My career in education began as a teaching assistant, teacher, assistant principal, principal and Director of Education. Many opportunities were provided to me to serve, coach, mentor, motivate and inspire others in various roles spanning 25 years.

“You can choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem, the choice is yours to make”

Brenda Yoho

“Education is something we do with children, not to them.”

Brenda Yoho

“I only have two rules!”

Brenda Yoho

My experience has been in PreK-High School and in various settings. In small rural schools and in large unit districts. The why in my life has always been to serve others, but most importantly the children. My parents were not able to receive a formal education and they instilled in me the importance of education. I still maintain contacts with many of the families, students, staff and communities I have served. Relationships are essential in the work we do, but being authentic in who you are is the key in helping to reach the accomplishments.

Enjoying time at the beach,
at the lake or with
our grandchildren
are the best times for us.
We have added golf to our list.
I am trying to learn!