About Me

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.”-Eleanor Roosevelt

I begin with this quote to remind us of purpose in our lives and make sure we understand our “Why” when we start each day.  Our actions directly impact not only our life but the life of those alongside our journey.

Take a moment just to read this passage and reflect before moving forward:

Difficulties impact me—they do not define me.

Challenges mold me—they do not make me.

Praise may encourage me—it is my vision that inspires me.

Success may spur me on—but it is my reward that satisfies me.

Pain may permeate—but my heart and hope prevail.

Criticism and pettiness may knock—but the lock is on my side of the door.

Abundance may pave the road—but it is generosity that lights the way.

As long as I’m breathin’—I’m livin’.

My way.  Beginning every fresh moment—now!—Mary Anne Radmacher

Improvement happens daily. Always look for ways to grow, improve and achieve more. My daily dedication is to be the solution as you ask questions.

At home:

My husband Zeke and I were high school sweethearts. We were married young as he joined the United States Navy. Our lives are blessed with a beautiful daughter who teaches special education, a terrific son-in-law from the Army who now works as a correctional officer, and our three grandchildren, who we love dearly. Aubrey, Abram, and Alden.

Life provides many opportunities, challenges, and unexpected turns. It is in all of those times you find a support system that ensures positive outcomes. Healthy family relationships provide, as well as others you can form to stabilize your system of support. We are blessed to have many to guide us on our life journey.

We enjoy fishing! So get ready for those stories! Yes, I can bait my hook and take off my fish. I do not clean them, but I sure can cook them! However, Zeke loves to cook them too!

Professional Experience

My parents came from large families in Kentucky. They could not attend school as their responsibility was to the family farm or care for siblings. However, they pushed for education and to work hard. I was the youngest in my family of three! My siblings are 17 and 16 years older than me. I always teased I was a gift from God. I would be the first to graduate from a two-year college and then a four-year college with a Masters’s degree.

I have held the following titles in my 25 plus year involvement with education:

*Teaching Assistant, Teacher, Assistant Principal, Elementary Principal, Middle School Principal, Director of Educational Support Programs, and served in temporary roles when needed to support.

*Director of Illini Region of the Illinois Principal Association, IPA Coach/Mentor, Professional Development/ Administrator Academy Speaker and provider, Treasurer/Vice President Illinois Association of Title Directors, President of Board for Vermilion County Big Brothers Big Sisters, Board Member of Crosspoint Human Services, and served on other committees. In addition, I would step in to help when my bosses were unable to be present.

During my time, I have had many opportunities to be involved in many committees, activities, and life-changing events. I am blessed with all of the experiences, as each provided lessons to move me forward in my passion for helping others.

I continue to strive to learn daily. I attend training and events to expand my knowledge. Reading is a daily activity, as well as checking on several social media platforms of those I follow. Asking questions, watching TedTalks, and listening to Podcasts help you to discover more each day!

Please click on the contact page and connect with me. My goal is to provide solutions and support.