Solution Weekly: August 7-13, 2022

Speaking Voice-Listening Ear “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” ~ Ernest Hemingway One of the best ways to build a positive image of your school, district, business, and organization or a negative one is how you communicate. Websites provide others the opportunity to evaluate you. If this page is outdated, not easy … Continue reading Solution Weekly: August 7-13, 2022

Cyberbullying increasing?

Cyberbullying Bullying in school is still a concern after decades of trying to address the issue. There are many programs, strategies and techniques used to help address the issue. Technology adds just another platform for bullying. Among students ages 12-18 who reported being bullied at school during the school year, 15 % were bullied online … Continue reading Cyberbullying increasing?

Expectations for Educational Leaders

What are the expectations for educational leaders? Most likely, the four listed above made your list, but what other expectations identify the good to the great? Many outstanding leaders I have known have had high expectations. If the expectations are set high for self, staff, and students, the school will soar with success. Building strong … Continue reading Expectations for Educational Leaders

Be the Solution Daily Quotes: 7-31-22

The last day of July! August welcomes new beginnings for many! A new school year is on my mind, as I took the grandchildren back to school shopping! The following season we welcome is Fall. The temperatures will begin to change, reminding us we have more seasons to come. We will always experience changes, challenges, … Continue reading Be the Solution Daily Quotes: 7-31-22