7 Questions on Leadership

What questions do you have about leadership? Most likely, you will see them in the 7 questions asked by Consult Clarity. If you do not see your question, then ask it in the comments. I will answer, find the answer or someone will see the question and respond! Jonno White from Consult Clarity contacted me … Continue reading 7 Questions on Leadership

Stuck in Leadership-How to get unstuck?

We all experience moments of feeling stuck in various aspects of our lives. Whether it's driven by fear, a sense of powerlessness, or a loss of confidence, these periods can hinder our progress and success. When it comes to business and leadership, being stuck can be particularly detrimental to our outcomes and influence. Often, the … Continue reading Stuck in Leadership-How to get unstuck?

Two Rules: Feeling Safe-Feeling Good

The alarming statistics of school shootings in recent years highlight the urgent need to address the underlying issues that lead to such tragedies. While debates about gun rights and school safety measures are important, it is equally crucial to focus on prevention strategies that can make a lasting impact. One approach to promoting a safer … Continue reading Two Rules: Feeling Safe-Feeling Good