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Finish the sentence

I can’t control the weather, but I can control____________________. I can’t control what people say, but I can control _________________. Some things I used to love to do, but I don’t do anymore______________. When I was in school, I ____________________________. If I could change one thing today, I would_______________________. The best part of my job … Continue reading Finish the sentence

Thursday Thought Leadership- 1-19-23

At the start of every year, I go through all of my medical appointments to check on my health. My life journey has provided me with many opportunities to experience challenges to overcome. While talking with my neurologists, we discussed work. I am thankful to all of those who are part of my medical team … Continue reading Thursday Thought Leadership- 1-19-23

Terrifying Thoughts-Do you have them?

As a child, I can remember having horrible nightmares. Thank goodness they were just dreams, and I could be comforted to realize I was safe. When others have these terrifying moments in life, who helps to comfort them? There are many things in life today that can cause us to feel overwhelmed, frightened, nervous, and … Continue reading Terrifying Thoughts-Do you have them?