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Engaging-Are students?

Engagement of Students The technology age has played a significant impact on teaching and learning, I believe. Our students, I know, would tell you they are engaged with the electronic games they are playing at home, and the social media platforms they are utilizing, and are available to access many of these items 24/7. The … Continue reading Engaging-Are students?

Knowing the difference

Expectations, Directions and Orders Do you have expectations for others? What about yourself? Do you have expectations for yourself? Do others place expectations on you? Do you have directions or orders to accomplish? Exactly what are the differences? How do you handle these as a leader, staff member, parent, and student? During the 1960s experiment … Continue reading Knowing the difference

America- Boy’s in Crisis

As an educator for the past two decades, boys have been in academic crisis. “Nearly twice as many boys as girls have trouble reading, are diagnosed with language disabilities, and are referred to special education classes. 41% of children in the United States are not reading at a basic level by third grade, and a … Continue reading America- Boy’s in Crisis

Compounding-What does it mean to you?

As a teacher and principal, I loved to add to the vocabulary of the students I served. Enriching the minds and language of others is always important. As I experienced my brain injury and began my recovery, understanding how to continue to work on these skills daily is an essential part of life. Compounding is … Continue reading Compounding-What does it mean to you?

Tuesday Talk! Self-Talk

I don’t know about you, but I can have some crazy talks with myself! I can talk myself into, and out of some situations I never thought I would be in my life. Negative self-talk can be very harmful! During our last vacation with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, my husband and brother-in-law thought it was … Continue reading Tuesday Talk! Self-Talk

Come with me and escape

Gulf Shores Alabama, evening walk on the beach. September 14, 2022 “I didn’t think about my ladyI know that sounds kinda mean, But me and my old ladyHad fallen into the same old dull routine So I wrote to the paperTook out a personal adAnd though I’m nobody’s poetI thought it wasn’t half bad” Rupert … Continue reading Come with me and escape

Voice vs. Ear and Brain vs. Heart

Speaking Voice-Listening Ear “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” ~ Ernest Hemingway One of the best ways to build a positive image of your school, district, business, and organization or a negative one is how you communicate. Websites provide others the opportunity to evaluate you. If this page is outdated, not easy to … Continue reading Voice vs. Ear and Brain vs. Heart