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Pieces will fit

Do you have a childhood memory of something you did with your family? One of my memories is opening a box full of different shapes, colors, and a picture to follow as you put the pieces together. Putting jigsaw puzzles together was one of those memories from my childhood. We enjoyed many hours working together to fit the pieces together to finally see the pieces fit together to create the picture on the box.

My daughter was able to enjoy this with her grandparents and with us. Now it is passed down to my grandchildren. When working on fitting the pieces together, you can accomplish so much more!

Building together

In our “connected” world today, we forget how to make the connection with the people in our lives through face-to-face time. Building time together can be valuable, and we must prioritize this as a non-negotiable time. Sitting around a table together thinking, problem-solving, talking, laughing, and engaging in real-time conversations is essential in building trusting relationships.

The puzzle pieces are not just on the table in front of you, but in the makeup of the relationships, you are forming with those sharing the table with you. Inviting those to share a seat at your table is the first step in fitting the pieces into positive relationships.

Two Rule Philosophy

Two Rule Philosophy helps everyone to be safe and good. Two basic needs we all have, want and strive to achieve. It is my passion and purpose to provide everyone with the tools they need to incorporate this into their lives and most importantly into every school setting to ensure every child is safe. There are many tools, resources, steps, and approaches to take to make this happen, but it is as easy as one, two.

My first tool for you to utilize in your school, workplace, home, organization is one I carried with me from my childhood. I hope to work with Shutterfly to incorporate some additional ideas in my book to present to you to utilize, but currently I would like you to try this tool.

We all fit together!

Currently, you can utilize Shutterfly to upload a picture to create a puzzle. This is a fantastic opportunity to work on building relationships with your team, co-workers, and volunteers. In addition, this is a great way to help your family work to have a scheduled family time with purpose as you work together to put your family picture together. You can use this to discuss a family memory you had on a trip, celebration, or special event. I have done this for each of my grandchildren as a way to work on building up each one by talking about the strengths they have and what we enjoy about who they are as individuals.

Two Rules aim is to have everyone working together to help All feel safe and good. When we can build together, we can tear down the walls we have been building up over the many years and look through the many lenses to see solutions instead of problems.

Complete the puzzles in connecting with All in order to build a collaborative environment where everyone is welcomed, and feels safe and good.

Be the Solution Daily Quote: 6-19-22

Monday always brings me hope and faith. Begin the day with a mindset focused on knowing it is not all on your shoulders. One of my favorite songs is Lean on me.

Continue to have faith and hope as you begin each day! Keep this song in your heart as you remember you are never alone. Lean on me and always ask because we all need someone each day.

Work or Play?

Do you think there is a difference between work and play? Should there be a difference? What makes it different?

Work is where you are employed to complete a specific task or duty. Fun is referred to as recreation or activity for relaxation when work is completed. However, why can’t they be combined? Many years , I heard and learned about the Fish Philosophy. I wanted to know more about this new approach.

Fish Philosophy, modeled after the Pike Place Fish Market, is a business technique aimed at creating happy individuals in the workplace. John Christensen began this philosophy in 1998. The central four ideas are: “choose your attitude,” “play,” “make their day,” and the “present moment.”

I know many schools utilized the Fish theme and applied the philosophy to begin their school years, as well as many organizations. It was the new “shiny” object to help build up teams and help others feel happy at work.

I have all of the FISH books and loved the thought behind the philosophy. The fish market was a crazy place to find happiness, but they discovered the secret to working, playing, and having fun.

We gathered up the ideas and practices to put into place. We began to implement the practices, but we put something into practice, and things slip away a little at a time as our attention is taken to the new noise in the world. It is usually a loud, negative noise we need to address, and it drowns out all of the positive steps we have taken forward.

I can name several different motivational themes and ideas utilized over the past several decades to help us work better together, enjoy what we do, and have fun while we are doing it. The truth is, more and more demands are placed on those in education, criticism is loud, and the level of disrespect is at an all-time high, in my opinion.

I believe the hard-working teachers and those in education I know are drowned out by the noise of those who look at what they do as work only. Those who are working in the field of education and who love what they do are those who work and play. They know the responsibilities they have for those they serve, but they also see the fun they need to bring to what they do for all to enjoy the journey of learning.

What is your new philosophy?

Maybe you are not into FISH, so what do you have as a philosophy? I utilize many different tools to help maintain motivation, inspiration, encouragement, fun, and joy in our daily activities. It does not matter what job we have; our life is vital to those around us. We make a difference in the lives of others with the simple things we do each day without even knowing.

My philosophy, you know, is to Be the Solution Daily in a world that needs you. We can always choose to be part of the solution or the problem; it is our choice. I only have two rules to live by daily, and I have taught this for decades. Everyone who walks through our doors will feel good about being here, and everyone will feel safe. We will work together to make it happen. I will help guide you in seeing how.

Together we can!

On fire! Are you? Who Is?

“This girl is on fire
This girl is on fire
She’s walking on fire
This girl is on fire”

“Looks like a girl but she’s a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can try but you’ll never forget her name
She’s on top of the world”-Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire

Do you ever take your temperature? Not your body temperature, but the temperature of your attitude and drive. What would you describe your temperature as you go about your day? Are you a girl on fire or lukewarm? Alicia Keys’ song Girl on Fire was the first song that came to my mind when thinking about ways to describe the temperature of our attitudes, drives, and approaches to work, life, and overall experiences. You can change the wording to accommodate your gender, but the meaning is still behind our temperature to approach life.

There are many songs you can connect to weather and temperatures to help teach lessons or discuss feelings, motivation, and attitudes. “You’re as cold as ice. You’re willing to sacrifice our love. You never take advice. Someday you’ll pay the price.” Lyrics from Foreigner, Cold as Ice.

I love using music to demonstrate meanings about issues we need to discuss. Music is a great platform to utilize as a way to connect all of us. Every generation has utilized music to share feelings about social issues, political views, traumatic events and celebrations.

I started with fire, and I would like to end with it. My favorite song is “Pass It On.” The lyrics to this church hymnal are: It only takes a spark To get a fire going, And soon all those around Can warm up in the glowing That’s how it is with God’s love. A newer version of a Christian song includes a portion of the lyrics I will leave you with to enjoy. I think it is essential to take your temperature and those around you. Let’s get a spark started to finish strong, begin strong , and never lose sight of the effects on what we do daily. Why not start a fire in the hearts of everyone? #Bethesolutiondaily in a world that needs you!

Be the Solution Daily Quotes- 5-24-22

The world can be too much for us. Our minds race from one issue to the next. As we focus on problems with our mindset of “fix-it,” we forget in those moments to take a breath and remember we are not designed to take on the world alone. We are not to face every issue with a “fix-it” focus, but with opened eyes and hearts to know the solution will come on the designers timeline.

Blessings to each one for a day full of opportunities to see the work’s wonders to create better days ahead.

Solution Weekly May 8-14, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s

Wishing all of the mom’s today a special blessing. It is a day to celebrate those who have given us so much! My middle grandchild had a mother’s tea at school. He did a skit with a classmate for all of the mothers, all of the kids sang, he made a hat for his mom Kentucky Derby style, a little book and enjoyed the time with his mom. So special for both of them.

This week is full of great topics! What suggestions do you have for next week? Comment with topics you would like to discuss.

Give it Your Best!

Convincing students to give their best effort is a struggle all year, but at the end of the year it is even harder! We have to persist in the face of learning challenges, learn from mistakes and all of the setbacks causing a struggle.

To gain high levels of learning we need commitment, focus and flexibility. It is the end of the year and if we have not yet captured our students commitment to learning, they have already missed so much. Why are we allowing it to continue? “It is too late, there is nothing I can do now to turn this around.” I have heard this before, my response always is: Give it your best!

Lifting Learning

Learning happens at all levels, in all places at all times. How are we helping to lift learning in ourselves, others and working to ensure learning is an essential part of life? How do we see lifting learning works in your environment? What are ways we can improve?

Different Ways-Thinking

Thinking is what we need more of today! In whatever job you go into, you need to problem solve, think critically, make connections between different areas. There is not just one way to think, but many ways. When looking at a problem, we need to see the different ways we have to think to solve.

Flexibility and Engagement

Helping our students to engage in learning is essential to reaching the academic goals we establish and to meet the needs for their learning. Our flexibility of expectations can offer significant benefits to the learning environment, but not eliminating the high expectations. I am referring to the need of choices, providing students with a clear understanding of the “how” and “why” the expectations relate to them and “what” they can do.

Know yourself? Do you?

Several points in your life journey, you are asked or you reflect on who you are. When getting to know yourself you dig deep into the depths of your heart, soul and core in an honest search. This is done in an accepting way as you look at past experiences, areas of strengths and weaknesses. We have to remember to also take time to forgive during this time. Forgiving ourselves and others helps us to move forward.

The Journey-Breast Cancer-Celebration Day

The arrow points to the cabinet that holds our different gowns, capes, and robes. Then in front of me are the containers to hold the dirty ones when we are completed. I will put my mask on and gather up my stuff to place in the lockers on the other side of this door.

The final day!

I took a picture in my dressing room. I call it my dressing room because I use the same room every day. It has become my room. I have a routine. I guess you put a mirror in every dressing room, but not sure we need one to see how we all look in these robes, gowns, and capes, I guess.

Then I always use locker #2. It is my locker. I like to stay in a pattern. I pick #2 because it is the number my grandson has used as his jersey number for hockey and baseball. It is easy for me to remember. Plus, the locker is on the top, and it is easier for me to get in and out of with my clothes.

I wanted to share some of the areas involved in the process. After placing all of my stuff in the locker, I turn left to the waiting area.

This is the area for women to wait for the technition to come to get them.

Then it is not a long walk down to the treatment area.

I have shared the picture of the treatment room. Treatments are given in the room all day long. I believe they are scheduled with no breaks as the technicians rotate to make sure everyone gets a break for lunch. I did not take a picture of the bank of monitors just before the treatment room because I did not want to take the chance of getting any medical data from other patients, including myself.

Celebration today at 11:45! We will have more pictures and the recording of the bell ringing if you miss it!. My daughter backed cupcakes for all of the staff. I am very thankful for each one and all of you! Making Monday Memories with family, friends, and finishing! Surviving Breast Cancer 2022!