The story inside you

As a young child, I spent hours writing. I would write poems, wrote a daily journal, loved to write Bible verses, and would write songs for the church. My minister Rev. Leon Korb would sometimes share my songs or poems at church. He was always making me feel special. He was a special person inContinue reading “The story inside you”

The “How” of instruction

As we look at our plans for next school year, we need to look at more than the “what,” “why,” and “when.” It is the “how” we do instruction. Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a significant part of the school foundation. However, many of the PLCs are just in name only and cannot support theContinue reading “The “How” of instruction”

False Evidence Appearing Real a Clear Vision

“I believe that anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears to do, provided he keeps doing them.”-Eleanor Roosevelt “The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.” -anonymous I believe it is a combination of our fears and blurred vision that prevent us from reaching our full potentialContinue reading “False Evidence Appearing Real a Clear Vision”

Saturday SMILE

“Each day is a gift we unwrap. As you open your eyes to greet the day, find a way to set your mind to make it the best in every way. No matter the forecast outside, our hearts will bring a smile from inside to outside to brighten the day. If not you, then who will start to make this positive change today!”

Just one question for you?

Are you a pooper, scooper, pointer, or passersby? Have you ever heard about a dog and a soccer field? It is a great story, and I have used it for a staff learning opportunity. I love designing great presentations, workshops, events, and celebrations. It is so important not to waste the time of others whenContinue reading “Just one question for you?”

It’s Time for the Truth!

It is time for the truth! To achieve, find joy, and conquer your dreams, is up to…! The power has always been with you! We can chase all of the shiny things, try all of the new features out there and surround ourselves with the very best of everything, but it comes down to you.Continue reading “It’s Time for the Truth!”

STOP ⛔ Leading….Start Building

Robyn R. Jackson is the author of this great new book from ASCD! In this book, you’ll learn how to use her Buildership Model™ to escape the “school improvement hamster wheel”. Embark on creating the school your students and teachers deserve. It involves a few simple shifts in how your approach. As leaders, we alwaysContinue reading “STOP ⛔ Leading….Start Building”

Who Are You?

Use one word to describe yourself_____________________. What is one word others would use to describe you.________. If you could choose one rule for everyone to follow what would it be____________. One thing people will remember you for is_______________. Understanding who you are let’s others know what you stand for so they can count on youContinue reading “Who Are You?”

Doctor, Doctor, Teacher, Teacher…what do you say? I have a bad case of…..

When all of our schools open the doors for face-to-face instruction, we also need to open our minds to new possibilities. Things will be different! Let’s not have the expectation we will be back to “normal.”

Note to self….

A handwritten letter appeared on my desk for the mail delivery. It was my Amanda from several years ago. I will call her to take her to lunch. “Mrs. Yoho I saved all of our journals, they saved my life.”