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Christmas Countdown-Song 6

The stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay. The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay. Away in the Manger the treasured song in my memories of every Christmas. I can not think of a Christmas that this song was not a part of during my lifetime. The beautiful reminder of why we celebrate.

Christmas Countdown-Song 4

The next clue you receive reminds us of utilizing a guide in our lives. O star of wonder, star of night. Star with royal beauty bright, westward leading, still proceeding, guide us to thy perfect light.

As you are almost to Christmas and New Year, think about the compass you use to guide you in life. It is the core of who you are! Do you stay true to yourself?

Countdown to Christmas-Song 3

They looked up and saw a star shining in the east beyond them far, and to the earth, it gave great light, and so it continued both day and night. The First Noel is one of the songs I can remember singing at church. Toby Mac is one of the individuals I listen to on the radio when I drive. It is fun to listen to this artist place a new spin on versions of songs. My sister loves the classics; I usually love them all! Enjoy this if you have not heard it!

Cultural Shock today

“Culture shock is the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture and way of life. It can be caused by a range of things, both big and small, such as unfamiliar greetings and hand gestures, strange food, and difficult language barriers.

This unfamiliarity can lead to symptoms such as confusion, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, and homesickness. It can even lead to physical symptoms such as insomnia as a result of time zone changes, or colds and stomach bugs due to unfamiliar foods and bacteria.” https://www.now-health.com/en/blog/culture-shock-stages/

Can we find connections of culture shock with students returning to school with the global pandemic continuing? Don’t forget our educators too! Culture counts! More than any other factor or influence, the culture of your school or organization is the essential piece for success. However, if the culture is toxic or holds adverse effects, the overall performance declines.

In every school-virtual setting-organization, how staff communicates, relate, interact, react, and problem solve reflects how much they trust each other. When we add in questions of how they talk to each other, talk at each other, or talk about each other. Understanding this as a signal for action to help improve this area as a priority before tackling “culture shock.” Everyone has to know how to communicate to problem-solve and trust.

Think about the changes that have happened. The past two years have placed all of us in positions of complete transformation. Our cultures have changed, and now we have to adjust to the changes until the culture is settled. Let’s look at what has changed.

  • Blowing out candles on Birthday cake-not now
  • Shaking hands- not now
  • Sharing a seat-not now
  • Seeing a smile-not now
  • Gathering in a big crowd to celebrate-not now
  • Giving a hug-not now
  • What else is on your list?

Nothing has slowed down for us as we have tried to return. We still face many challenges as we face “culture shock” and look for ways our voice is part of the culture reset. Culture changes, as we have seen over the years of history. People make the culture; culture does not make the people. My final questions will be today are: Are you Alive, or do you Live? That answer will help you with this question: Can you deliver ideas or give thoughts to guide our culture?

Measuring Meaningfulness

I constantly measure the meaningfulness of the messages I send, the information I share, and how I impact those who choose to read my posts. I intend to always help with driving solution-focused thinking and increasing the positives we share in day-to-day interactions.

One thing missing is an opportunity for others to share what they would like me to focus on to help them in what they are doing. I want to pause and organize this blog to work for those who need it to work for them. My idea is to dedicate each day to a particular topic. Examples could be: Monday: Motivation, Inspiration, Meetings Tuesday: Teaching, Thoughts, Talking Points, Communication Wednesday: Wisdom, Wit, Things to Ponder Thursday: Takeaways, Things to Share, Activities for team building Friday: Facts, Factors, Leadership Saturday: Solutions, Strategies, Plans. Sunday: Spiritual, Social-Emotional, Mental Health

Maybe you don’t want to read something daily. What if you wanted something in one post? If this is your desire, what day would you choose to receive it, and what do you need the content to include?

Be the solution daily is for you. I want to thank all of my followers and those who have invested their time. Starting today, I will take a two-week break while I gather information on the direction of this blog.

Keep being the solution daily for all as we serve others in making the world better one day at a time.

What to do? According to data?

In every organization, data-driven decision-making was and is a phrase repeated often. Sitting around a big conference table, I can recall talking about the stacks and stacks of data collected by an individual for us to utilize. However, we all looked at each other with a huh what. Data-rich and information poor, why are we collecting all of this data, and what is it being used for?

Understand where you are, where you want to go, and then how you will get there. One of the biggest things we noticed was the duplication of data. We were assessing to answer the same questions.

What do you need to know and find solutions for to achieve the goals you established? Looking at your situation, what is the most critical issue facing your organization?

Mental health is an issue that is revealing itself as a priority since the pandemic. It has always been important, but recent data reveals it is steadily increasing with our children.

“Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a 31% increase in the proportion of mental health-related emergency rooms visits in youth ages 12 to 17, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More youth are also reporting increases in depression, anxiety, and stress, according to a YouthTruth survey.” The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services pledged $85 million in funding to address the mental health needs of our children and teens. To learn more about funding and data, please read this short article:


A clear focus on what improvements are needed will help to target these areas with direct assessments and instruction. Providing the strategies to support the desired outcomes will keep a transparent approach to achieve positive results.

The story inside you

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou

As a young child, I spent hours writing. I would write poems, wrote a daily journal, loved to write Bible verses, and would write songs for the church. My minister Rev. Leon Korb would sometimes share my songs or poems at church. He was always making me feel special. He was a special person in my life as he rests now in his heavenly home.

In high school, one of my teachers, Mr. Bob McMurray, challenged his high school students to set goals. He did more than teach academic skills. It was the life messages in the lessons that guided us in planning a solid foundation for our futures. He stayed connected with my husband and me into our adult lives. This month he would have celebrated his 74th birthday. I remain associated with his with Glenda, but Mr. McMurray is always present in my mind when I work on my book.

I have achieved all of the goals I wrote in his classroom except for one. I said I would write a book. I have written a book, but I have yet to publish it. I thought you write a book and publish it. No, there is so much more to publishing a book. I am learning about the entire process and meeting many amazing people.

So, Mr. Bob Mc Murray, I have many stories inside me I want to tell them, and I have great people helping me learn the way. My turn is coming soon, and I thank you for planting the seed. As I know you are watching over all of us, I will do my best. It has been a long process, and we still have a way to go, but I never give up on things I say I will do no matter what!

I have been blessed by so many. The courage to share your stories with others is enormous! The regret of not trying is significant as well. So we are working to make sure I can find success when we say let’s go! Building a solid following is a priority, and I am trying hard to accomplish this goal.

There is a story inside all of us we need to share. Maybe you don’t want to write and share it with the world, but a story for your loved ones to remember a piece of family history. Documenting personal history as well as overall history helps all of us learn, appreciate and grow.

Helping others is always my priority. Living life for a cause, never applause, keeps you focused on doing what is right and best for others. The goal of the book is not to check a box that I wrote a book, to have financial gain(my author friends are laughing now), becoming famous, or so everyone knows my name. It is because one teacher, one classroom, one school, believed in one student by saying, “Great goals, and I know you will accomplish each one.” I sure will!

Be the solution daily, and you will be the one who makes the change in another today. Thank you for all you do. To all the teachers who do this daily, thank you! My Mrs. Teresa Arnold was the best teacher, and I always tell her, “thank you for helping to make things better for me every day!”

The “How” of instruction

As we look at our plans for next school year, we need to look at more than the “what,” “why,” and “when.” It is the “how” we do instruction.

Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a significant part of the school foundation. However, many of the PLCs are just in name only and cannot support the questions needing answers.

Effective PLCs spend their meeting time asking questions about “how” they will teach a lesson. As Covid-19 turned our worlds upside down education found different ways to approach instruction. However, the questions remain with the same level of importance.

Consider these points:

  • No matter where instruction takes place, the question how needs to be asked and answered.
  • No matter when instruction takes place, the question how needs to be asked and answered.
  • No matter what instruction takes place, the question how needs to be asked and answered.

To keep moving forward and growing, the question “how” is needed. Are you asking “how” you are going to instruct a particular concept? Have you explored the best approach and strategies?

As you prepare to end this school year and move to the next, “how” will you deal with instruction? This is a fundamental question to ask and answer. Schools can only improve if the teaching focuses on the work the PLC is doing, looking, reviewing, analyzing of data and discussions on how the lessons are working to support the learner.

Looking at what you will teach will have you looking at focusing on priority standards. They are keeping students working to achieve their goals at grade level and above.

To assist with how instruction will take place, utilizes assessments to help guide your instruction—determining how effective the lessons are to support learners in their mastery of skills. A great deal can be done to support instruction


Leaders can help along with staff in working out a plan to rearrange staff best to support the needs of students. How will we best serve our students with our approach?

How will you improve your instruction? Share thoughts, ideas, and information on how your teams are working to focus instruction. All of the questions have value but concentrate on how instruction serves the learners best.

Thank you for being the solution daily!