“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”-unknown. When dealing with trauma, difficult stress, and many unknowns, we need to find ways to reduce these levels from harming our health. Many are providing ideas for self-help, but one of the universal ways to help all ages is through art. Art is an expressionContinue reading ““Art-full-heart””

F is for family

The school year has ended in many schools, but my daughter has a few more days left with her students. Each year she has a theme and spends a great deal of time investing in designing meaningful lessons that reach beyond her classroom. Today was one of her letter days. Each letter represents a particularContinue reading “F is for family”

Do you have a Scary Words Box?

As a teacher, I had a word wall. It was always fun to add words to our wall. We enjoyed adding the words and randomly selecting a word to use for the day. Entering into the administrative world, I did not want to leave the teaching fun behind. I added a word of the weekContinue reading “Do you have a Scary Words Box?”

Checking in and Checking Out

“Good morning; it is great to see you, Trevor! Love your outfit today, Tiffany! Jozie, I saw you and your aunt this morning.” Greeting individuals in the morning will help to start the day off right. You can easily see if they are doing okay by taking a quick check by welcoming them. Weekends canContinue reading “Checking in and Checking Out”

Note to self….

A handwritten letter appeared on my desk for the mail delivery. It was my Amanda from several years ago. I will call her to take her to lunch. “Mrs. Yoho I saved all of our journals, they saved my life.”

Through the window

“The good things in life are better with you in it.” These are the words on the heart sitting on the ledge of the window next to my chair. I love to sit in my chair and watch the clouds, blue skies, birds flying, rain as it waters the grass, or snowflakes as they danceContinue reading “Through the window”

Message received

Every day, we receive messages from others in many different ways. We also send messages in various ways as well. Managing all of these communications can be overwhelming, but we can also mishandle messages. What we say, the body language we use, and the tones used to send messages to others. I know for myself,Continue reading “Message received”

What now? Covid-19 positive takeaways?

In an issue of SmartBrief, March 2, 2021 https://www2.smartbrief.com. I found an interesting question and poll. “What is your biggest positive takeaway from the impact of COVID-19 on education?” Caregiver connection: Building stronger relationships with parents or caregivers 11.77% Learning flexibility: Using new learning modalities to provide students more options for engaging and demonstrating masteryContinue reading “What now? Covid-19 positive takeaways?”

You are invited

“Who are you?” I am Mrs. Yoho, the new Principal. I hope we have a chance to get to know each other, Elijah. As we began the year, I got to know Elijah well. He was in Foster Care, and his sister was in a different home. Elijah was angry, trauma was a big partContinue reading “You are invited”

Do you know a Johnny?

Mrs. Yoho, they need you. Johnny is having problems in the classroom. “Johnny, what is going on today? Let’s go walk and talk.” “I don’t like her. My teacher is not nice, and I don’t like those kids.” “Johnny, did you eat breakfast this morning?” “No” “I bet you didn’t take your medicine either.” “Nope.”Continue reading “Do you know a Johnny?”