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We Can with Two Rules Wednesday 6

Two Rules In my issue, We Can Wednesday with Two Rules 5; I focused on resilience for students. Resilience is an essential part of Two Rules, but not only for students. Teachers in our schools live each day with levels of stress we never imagined they would have decades ago. Teacher shortages, budget cuts, the … Continue reading We Can with Two Rules Wednesday 6

Keep talking, connecting and listening

How it begins In the beginning, we dedicated efforts to ensuring families had the information needed to help their children to succeed. We did this by hosting open houses and “meet the teacher” events to introduce ourselves, create great first impressions, and start the steps forward on the path to building relationships with families. During … Continue reading Keep talking, connecting and listening

Connecting and Communicating

In a social media and digital world, we become desensitized to the illusion of being connected and rate ourselves high in our communication abilities. However, this can be deceiving. The quantity of the amount of our reach to accounts is not equal to connecting with individuals. Digital communication has improved our abilities to maintain better … Continue reading Connecting and Communicating

Get to the Point

“Effective communication hinges on one job and one job only: moving your point from your head to your audiences,” says Joel Schwartzberg, author of Get to the Point: Sharpen Your Message and Make Your Words Matter. Communication is an essential tool in your toolbox. If you struggle to communicate your point clearly to your audience … Continue reading Get to the Point

Fill up your cup with Authority

One of the best ways to help yourself and others is to enrich your use of vocabulary intentionally daily. I have always practiced adding a word to our vocabulary in the classroom and with my grandchildren now. Words do not have to be extravagant or flamboyant to be selected to add to your list. You … Continue reading Fill up your cup with Authority

What do you think?

Do you ever have someone ask you so what do you think? Everyone is looking 👀 at you; the pressure is on, you are the new person in the group, you look around, and you say...... I think...If you ask me....I believe....It is my understanding....As I understand it.....I heard you say....The point made by....Several people … Continue reading What do you think?

Hook, line and sinker

Do not spread false reports. Exodus 23:1 The coach spots a little boy in the stands with a glove waiting to catch a baseball. The coach decides he will toss a ball to the little boy. Then suddenly, a man swoops in and catches the ball. Cameras snap the picture; video cameras record the moment, … Continue reading Hook, line and sinker