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Pieces will fit

Do you have a childhood memory of something you did with your family? One of my memories is opening a box full of different shapes, colors, and a picture to follow as you put the pieces together. Putting jigsaw puzzles together was one of those memories from my childhood. We enjoyed many hours working together to fit the pieces together to finally see the pieces fit together to create the picture on the box.

My daughter was able to enjoy this with her grandparents and with us. Now it is passed down to my grandchildren. When working on fitting the pieces together, you can accomplish so much more!

Building together

In our “connected” world today, we forget how to make the connection with the people in our lives through face-to-face time. Building time together can be valuable, and we must prioritize this as a non-negotiable time. Sitting around a table together thinking, problem-solving, talking, laughing, and engaging in real-time conversations is essential in building trusting relationships.

The puzzle pieces are not just on the table in front of you, but in the makeup of the relationships, you are forming with those sharing the table with you. Inviting those to share a seat at your table is the first step in fitting the pieces into positive relationships.

Two Rule Philosophy

Two Rule Philosophy helps everyone to be safe and good. Two basic needs we all have, want and strive to achieve. It is my passion and purpose to provide everyone with the tools they need to incorporate this into their lives and most importantly into every school setting to ensure every child is safe. There are many tools, resources, steps, and approaches to take to make this happen, but it is as easy as one, two.

My first tool for you to utilize in your school, workplace, home, organization is one I carried with me from my childhood. I hope to work with Shutterfly to incorporate some additional ideas in my book to present to you to utilize, but currently I would like you to try this tool.

We all fit together!

Currently, you can utilize Shutterfly to upload a picture to create a puzzle. This is a fantastic opportunity to work on building relationships with your team, co-workers, and volunteers. In addition, this is a great way to help your family work to have a scheduled family time with purpose as you work together to put your family picture together. You can use this to discuss a family memory you had on a trip, celebration, or special event. I have done this for each of my grandchildren as a way to work on building up each one by talking about the strengths they have and what we enjoy about who they are as individuals.

Two Rules aim is to have everyone working together to help All feel safe and good. When we can build together, we can tear down the walls we have been building up over the many years and look through the many lenses to see solutions instead of problems.

Complete the puzzles in connecting with All in order to build a collaborative environment where everyone is welcomed, and feels safe and good.

Celebrate, Honor and Build

Juneteenth honors the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States and is a Federal Holiday. The name “Juneteenth” is a blend of two words: “June” and “nineteenth.” It’s thought to be the oldest African-American holiday, with annual celebrations on June 19th in different parts of the country dating back to 1866.

On February 1, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln approved the Joint Resolution of Congress, submitting the proposed amendment to the state legislatures. The necessary number of states (three-fourths) ratified it by December 6, 1865. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution: abolish slavery.

To learn more about the history of this important time period, look into the details provided in the many resources available. Understanding history is an important part of our foundation. We live in the present, learn from the past and grow in our future by all we have gained.

Stayed focused on building the pathway forward in a land where we all grow together! We are free to enjoy the beauty of the world we build together. Destroying or removing elements of the past cannot erase the important accomplishments of overcoming, achieving, and improving as a nation. Mistakes as humans will always be made along the pathway in the journey of life but repeating them is what we want to erase from our roads ahead as we remind ourselves of the roads traveled. Growing in who we are is in reminding ourselves of the valley we were in and the climb we made. It is not just looking at one picture on the destination being reached. We have to celebrate each step of the climb to celebrate with gratitude all of the work to overcome obstacles, hardships and challenges to achieve.

Solution Weekly- June 19-25, 2022

Happy Father’s Day

I want to send all of the Father’s a heartful message of gratitude for being the best for the children! Dad’s are so important to children and so thankful to have two great ones involved with my grandchildren. They have their dad and they have grandpa! Going to events they are involved in and sharing many memories. Enjoy all of the time you can!

Pieces will Fit

Do you have a childhood memory of something you did with your family? One of my memories is opening a box full of different shapes, colors, and a picture to follow as you put the pieces together. Putting jigsaw puzzles together was one of those memories from my childhood. We enjoyed many hours working together to fit the pieces together to finally see the pieces fit together to create the picture on the box.

Celebrate, Honor and Build

Juneteenth is a Federal Holiday being recognized on Monday across the United States. Juneteenth honors the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States. The name “Juneteenth” is a blend of two words: “June” and “nineteenth.” It’s thought to be the oldest African-American holiday, with annual celebrations on June 19th in different parts of the country dating back to 1866. Let’s celebrate and learn more!

Strength-How do you measure it?

Strength can be deceiving! We never know our strength level until we are pushed to use it. Strength comes in many different forms and types. The pillars of strength are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. How strong are you? I think we can discover more about strength this week!

Raise the Bar

How low can you go? Always a fun dance challenge at weddings! I think we are doing the dance with our standards as we talk about lowering standards in areas. Announcements have been made to change the standards for acceptance into receiving a teaching license due to shortages, pilots’ standards have been lowered due to a shortage, and the U.S. Airforce lowered standards in their flight training to improve graduation rates falling. What other standards are changing?

Your Voice is Important

How do you share your thoughts? Do you comment on posts? Have you shared posts? I would like to know. Your voice is important.

Heartstrings and swings!

“School shooting in Texas” is four words to stop you, frozen at the moment, and your heartstrings are pulled. The number of injuries, loss of life, the individual or individuals involved in the shooting makes no difference. It is the four words no mother, father, grandparent, or educator wants to hear ever.

Then the media storm begins. The violence at Uvalde, Texas, with the school shootings at Robb Elementary, left all of us with more questions and seeking answers. Comments, pointing fingers to blame, a retelling of stories, the first stories were incorrect; these are the correct facts, more finger-pointing and it continues with comparing to other shootings. Then here comes the solutions, the same as the previous shootings. We need gun control, armed guards in the schools, mental health, and the list continues. Please stop and pause for one moment.

All I can hear and see are children laughing in the playground. They are swinging on the swings. The girls have their hair blowing in the wind from the swings, and the boys are busy hitting balls out into the field. I see children being children. School is ending for the summer break, and children are preparing to enjoy all of the summer fun. My heart strings are pulled as I know those who have fallen to this senseless act of violence took the innocence of this sacred time and lives away. It stole the childhood innocence of many who experienced the noise of the gunshots, screams, cries, and the trauma no one can claim to understand.

Real Soultions

Stop all of these political agendas on both sides to find the real solutions to the issues at hand. So let me just go through the list of the things I believe we can review, reinforce and respond to appropriately.

  • Do we have laws in place now to accomplish gun control to meet the standards we need for safety? Can we look at these laws together? State by state and then as a country.
    • Background checks
    • Waiting periods
    • Restrictions
    • Concealed Carry
    • Transport
  • As a country, can we bring all state government leaders together to draft a common gun control law to follow with integrity, accountability, and responsibility? Laws for guns should not be vastly different from state to state, and we should have/do have a monitored system to know who is purchasing firearms. In Illinois, there is a ban on guns in Chicago, but in our state, there are more shootings in this area than in any other place. How?
  • Illegal guns are a significant issue. We must address this issue.
  • Accountability with all laws must be enforced. Crime at any level has to have responsibility. If we do not hold all offenses with the laws we have and establish a society of rule and order, violence will continue to escalate. A community with a relaxed soft view will fall.
  • Are you addressing mental health correctly? In every situation, the words of mental health flow freely from many mouths without knowing how to address the issue appropriately. It is more than throwing money at the problem, building a facility, and saying you will do x, y, and z, but you do not have the time or personnel to accomplish the goals.
    • We need more psychiatric treatment staff to include, but not limited to the following:
      • Psychiatrist
      • Individual Therapist
      • Neuropsychologist
      • Social Workers
      • Intervention counseling
      • Group Therapist
      • Family Liaisons
    • Mental Health facilities and in-house care
      • Facilities for treatment to care for individuals in a 24/7 facility with supports
      • We need to have providers within schools to support staff, families, and students in providing a complete wrap-a-round care plan to facilitate meeting all of the needs of individual children and inclusion in the support systems.
      • We need to provide training to families, staff, and community-based entities with direct interactions with the public.
      • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Is a place to begin your search for understanding mental health issues, needs, and advocacy. This is the first organization I went to as a young leader in education. The need is more significant today for understanding mental health.
    • Two Rules
      • The need for Two Rules is stronger today than when I was principal. I want to share that the children, families, staff, and community you serve want to know more than ever before that these rules are being followed and applied. “Everyone who walks through the doors of (the name of your school) will feel good about being here and feel safe.” How will we all do this together? We can choose to be part of the problem or the solution; the choice is always ours to make. However, if you choose to be part of the problem, the consequences of your choice will be fully applied.
      • Talk with everyone about what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to be safe and to feel good in a learning environment. It takes all of us working together to create an environment of safety, feeling included and good.
      • Many tools can be used at home, school, and in the community to accomplish these goals. I have been waiting to find the right time to see if the book I have written, Two Rules, would interest others. It feels like the right time now. Too many children are being lost in our world to violence in our schools, streets, and “safe” places.
    • Secure Schools is something we have worked on with crisis plans, training, and drills. It is time to look at what we have done and remember conducting a drill one time a year does not always help when reality comes and fear-panic sets in.
      • Can we look at all of the school buildings we currently have to see if modifications can be made to prevent an intruder from getting inside? Bulletproof?
      • Reinstate school resource officers on campus. Utilize retired police officers, military personnel, or other professionals—someone with a radio to contact the police and organize when a situation occurs.
      • Building relationships in the school to know all of the individuals within the school.
      • Have an organized plan for every situation. Talk and communicate with the onsite leadership team for the crisis.
    • Leadership is critical when seeking solutions. It is not top-down, but side by side when we discover looking through the lenses to see the perspectives of others. It is always to seek to understand and hear what is not said.
      • In my very first professional development workshop as an administrator, I sat down at a table all alone. I did not know anyone, and I was one of the first to arrive. I was not confident, so I sat in the back. An older gentleman sat down at my table. He began to talk to me, and I felt relaxed. He asked, “Do you think your school is safe?” No, sir, I don’t. I do not think you should ever believe that with 100% confidence. “Great answer. The conference began. -Let me introduce you to a brave man who is coming to share his story as a building principal of a school that went through a school shooting-Principal Bill Bond of Heath High School in Paducah, KY. The man sitting next to me got up and went to the front of the room.
      • His words were powerful, and I knew this was what leadership was to me. His story about the day has many important factors to remember when working with students, staff, and the community.
      • Relationship building. We all have said it, heard it, and have it as a goal. Do we know what it truly is, looks like, sounds like, and feels like? During my time at middle school, I wrote personal postcards to all of my staff and students. I mailed it to their homes. There were 75 staff members and 602 students. They were all individualized. Yes, they compared to see if I wrote the same things on the cards. I did it over the Christmas break. We gave everyone something on their birthday, talked to everyone, and watched them in their extra-curricular activities. I did home visits and community activities and embraced everything I could to get to know every aspect of life they had.

I brushed the surface of the solutions for the violence we are seeing transpire across our country and especially targeting our schools. I want to focus on families and communities as well. This is an issue with not one solution to solve the problem. It is not to have stricter gun controls or address mental health. We have a deep system of layers to address this issue more profound than the surface solutions we often try to address quickly, so we can say we did something, move on and place it on our list of accomplishments for the following political add. No thanks. I want to drive the deep solutions to systemically solve issues to save lives, create positive environments, help families and improve communities. I can’t, you can’t, but we can together work to establish better systems, accountability of the laws, offer services, and commit to improvements overall.

Our heartstrings are pulled, and we react. Then the conversations begin to fade as fast as the seasons change. The swings at the playground echo the laughter of children who want to be kids. Can we all work together to solve these issues, so the heartstrings pulled are the ones that bring big smiles.

I missed the bus! Can I jump on your bandwagon?

I missed the bus is a phrase referring to being too slow to take advantage of an opportunity. In education, it was an excuse for being late to school, like the video attached to the word bus from 1992. Have you ever used that phrase?

Jumping on the bandwagon is another phrase used to join a movement or cause because it is trendy. “Everyone is doing it.” The phrase itself began back in 1848 when a circus clown named Dan Rice would use his wagon to take politicians around to conduct speeches to local people. The music coming from the wagon always attracted a crowd. Have you ever used this phrase?

These phrases may not be utilized as much today as they did in the past, but the concepts are still practiced. Leaders miss opportunities and jump on shiny new things when everyone else gets the popular item. Why do they do this? They are stretched thin and need to find quick results in a fast pace world. Many pressures are placed on our leaders to perform, meet the standards, and be better than all competitors.

As the leader of your organization, you have a great deal of responsibility. There is no more significant responsibility than taking care of those you serve. All of your team members need to know your vision, but most importantly, they need to know they can trust you. A solid foundation builds a team that knows who they are, what they are doing, and where. Our vision is our dream. What we want to achieve in the work we do is the culture created.

The culture of your environment is critical. The vision you have can be incredible, but a toxic environment can destroy it before you begin to build. Culture is how we work each day to move us forward to our vision. In our culture, this is where the actual work is done to make the vision clear for all to see.

What can you do as a leader? Let’s ask hard questions, design plans, and develop habits, processes, and purpose together. Which is more important to have a vision or a positive culture?

Vision and Culture-Both are needed


A vision is a cornerstone of the organization. It is a statement of what an organization would like to achieve in the future but is more than a goal. A vision inspires and connects employees to purpose. As leaders, we need to work together to develop a vision statement with clarity in decision making, help guide others, and make it part of our daily work. Today’s vision statements need to reflect the changes as we lead out of crisis and into the building.


Our culture is designed by what inspires us daily. It is our interactions together in working to achieve the vision, mission, and purpose. The core beliefs, values, and behaviors of the individuals within the organization reflect the culture. For a continuous improvement cycle to be in place, culture and vision are connected to gain purpose.

Everyone in our organization has to be all in on the vision we have and be actively participating in a positive culture to achieve the momentum needed to grow. Just like putting a puzzle together, when one piece is missing, it can not be completed. When you have one individual bringing negativity to the group and fighting against the group’s beliefs, pieces begin to pull apart.

Start your Phrase……

Jon Gordon has the Energy Bus. What can be yours? Do you need one to begin to develop what you need to lead out of a crisis and into building back the foundation for the vision and culture required to succeed? Be the Solution Daily in a world that needs you! No need for catchy phrases, just a solid foundation with core beliefs, a vision , and a design of how to get there. It is fun to think of names, phrases, and crazy ways to remember things. However, the importance of the work is what the focus needs to be on. It cannot be like it was, and we must decide what works now.

With the transitions to Covid from Covid and now additional issues facing us, we need to outline the needs in all areas to focus on our realities.

Fitting the puzzle pieces together

  • Identify all areas in your organization or company
  • What are the needs in each of these?
  • Prioritize the needs in each area.
  • Do we see common threads of need?
  • What are the top common threads?
  • Can we develop a plan to address the common threads of need?
  • How can the needs of the organization impact the service we provide?
  • Looking at the needs, how does it change, enhance or reflect our vision?

Now that we are looking at our needs, it is time to complete a deeper dive into a needs assessment. This is the best place to start when beginning to look at building a foundation for continued growth.

Just a basic format to begin to gather data on needs. Deeper dives as you go into specific areas, skills, departments, policies and procedures.

Can we work together to ask hard questions? Can we listen to all voices? I would like to have honest conversations about what we are facing. This isn’t easy because we will not all agree. Doing what is right is not what is easy; jumping on the bandwagon or missng the bus. It is in having the integrity of doing what is best for all of those involved and those we serve. Ken Blanchard, one of my favorite leaders, found that integrity is what everyone seeks out in leadership. Jon Gordon, another famous leader, has a fantastic book just released called The Sale along with his co-author Alex Demczak which is a tremendous tribute to learning about integrity. Please get your copy today. If you think you deserve to have a free copy from me, tell me what you gain from reading these blogs and how you share it with others. Please send me an email after you like the post at yohobren@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing time and space with me daily.

Solution Weekly April 24-30, 2022

Is Culture more important than Vision?

As the leader of your organization, you have a great deal of responsibility. There is no more significant responsibility than taking care of those you serve. All of your team members need to know your vision, but most importantly, they need to know they can trust you.

The culture of your environment is critical. The vision you have can be incredible, but a toxic environment can destroy it before you begin to build. What can you do as a leader? Let’s ask hard questions, design plans, and develop habits, processes, and purpose together.

How to find common ground?

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. Romans 14:19

One of my family members talked about how she’d pointedly been asked by a co-worker which political party she belonged to. The aim in asking the question seemed to be to predict whether she could agree with her on any number of issues. In an effort to find common ground between them, she simply replied, “Since we’re both believers, I’d rather focus on our unity in Christ.”

Many issues continue to divide a country which we claim to be The United States of America. How can you find common ground? We can point one another to truths. Instead of passing judgements on one another, we can encourage to seek truth. Why are we living without asking questions, seeking to understand, and having the truth confirmed without any doubts? Are we independent thinkers or part of group thinkers?

When did a difference of opinion cause division between you and another individual?

Absent from learning

“The report Report, originally published by the Government Accountability Office last month but updated with new information this week, is part of the federal government’s ongoing efforts to understand how the pandemic affected the country’s public school system. The data was pulled from a nationally representative survey of public school teachers that the GAO contracted Gallup to conduct about their experiences during the 2020-21 school year.” -US News Education, “Nearly Half of Teachers Had Students Who Never Showed Up to Class Last Year: Report” By

Continuing to strive for success

Success is a goal for each of us. Many tools, resources, strategies, and ways to develop success are available. We have looked at many different things on our path to success, and we will continue to strive to look at more. Success is always a work in progress and something you have today but can lose tomorrow. Change brings many elements into the circle, and we have to be prepared to handle change each day.


April 25, 2022

Thank you for celebrating with me this week! I believe in life; we celebrate as often as possible when we have reached a goal, accomplished something, or enjoyed a beautiful day. Gratitude shared daily is a gift we can all share together. Thank you for sharing your time, thoughts, ideas, and space with me!


How do you gain more followers? Can you be an overnight success? What do you want to accomplish when you write a blog, post, article or comment?

Share your thoughts! I want to grow my connections to learn more from others! I want to Reach!

I strive each day to make a positive impact and to serve others. “To create lasting impact, you need to have a lasting presence. The longer you last, the greater the impact you will have.” Becky Robinson, #ReachBook Becky’s book Reach is available for pre-order now! Please order you will find Value, Consistency, Longevity and Generosity!

I would love to connect!

Follow your plan

“Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.”

Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe

Leadership is a very complex word, role, title, and idea. When the word leadership is brought to a conversation, many thoughts, ideas, and images appear. As a female leader, I can speak to balance in leadership which is a myth no matter your gender or age.

Finding balance in leadership is not possible. We have to change our mindsets to allow ourselves to say no to things that are not in our plan for the season we are in at this time. It has taken me many years to understand this point, and yes, I still struggle! In my daily devotion, Ecclesiastes 3 points out the different seasons.

Ecclesiastes 3 1-8: To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

I had the opportunity to share thoughts with Dr. Susan Homes from Illinois Principal Association(IPA). I shared with her the season I am in at this time and the difficulty it was for me. There is fear that happens for any leader on the ladder of success. Leaders do not want to look weak or sound like they cannot lead. They never want to give any impression they are not capable. IPA has never made me feel this way. Dr. Homes is top-notch, along with every person working on this team. I would expect nothing else from an organization I grew up with as a leader.

If you are not working in an environment that is respectful, trustworthy, and encouraging, then work to change it by example or by providing ideas to lead up. It is always the season to model your values. Leaders always want to give 100% to all they serve each day. There will be seasons when they hope all those they help can support them when they need a hand. We need leaders who understand all of these components of leadership today more than ever.

I want leaders to know you do not have to do all to be all to everyone and everything! You do not have to read all the new books (I hope you read mine when it is available). You do not have to get on every social media platform. Life is not a sprint; it is a marathon! Pace yourself to enjoy, deal with, and overcome the season you are in at this time.

Today you are given twenty-four hours, and tomorrow, you will be blessed with another. Design your plan to focus on priorities. Do not let distractions get the best of you! Write out specific steps to follow to complete your plan! Here are some tips to avoid distractions.


  • Set a consistent calendar with designated times of no interruptions. Example: Friday night is Family & Friends night
  • Schedule office time
  • Check email at designated times only
  • Touch email and paper mail once-Do something with it
  • Organize your area to function-everything has a place
  • Carry a notepad or way to take notes to send while visiting classrooms or offices. (I like to write out cards I will send to them)
  • Have a spreadsheet to manage visits, positive encouragement-what is measured, monitored and modeled, will make a difference! M&M love the chocolate!

Take Action

If you are like me, you have items you procrastinate doing. Make your plan, write it out with the things you keep avoiding on top! Stick to the program and get it done! Follow up at the end of the day with a reflection piece on all you accomplished and then the extra things you did! Now you make the plan for tomorrow! Remember the season you are in and always be kind to yourself. The seasons change, and it will be time to do what you think you need to do when the season changes!


Developing kindness in the workplace is a little different than being nice. We can find workplaces where individuals are friendly, pleasant to visitors, and courteous when needed. However, living within these cultures and climates can be very different when the curtain is pulled back to see reality. Do you want nice or kindness in your environment?

Do you think there is a difference between being nice and being kind? Do you know individuals who say something nice to someone and, as soon as they walk away, take a different tone? I want people to identify me as being kind. I will explain why!

Kindness is a foundation-built character trait rooted in respect and sincerity. If you think about individuals in your life who show thoughtfulness, sensitivity, understanding, and empathy in their daily interactions as a natural response, kindness is genuine.

I know I have said this before, “She is just being nice!” Nice individuals say things in agreement to avoid conflict. It is not usually based on honesty. A little white lie may be appropriate from time to time to save a co-worker’s feelings. However, telling the truth in a way to protect them from others saying harmful things is something very kind to do.

As a leader, I feel it is essential always to be honest. There will be situations in which we need to have difficult conversations, but we will always have several solutions to provide. Being nice is essential at times, but kindness is a constant in our foundation.

Working in an environment where you find negative individuals, it only takes a few to make your culture toxic quickly. This happens when you have several nice individuals who avoid conflict. Instead of helping to stop the negativity, it goes on unchecked making others feel uncomfortable.

One of the lessons I have learned over my years came from wise women. Maya Angelou taught me if you do not have courage, you will not be able to practice anything else. To survive in any situation, start with courage. The first principal I worked for was Susan Riggle. She taught me when others are talking, and you say nothing, they believe you agree with them. Speak up goes right along with courage.

Kindness is what we all need today. Genuine and authentic to spread value to others with the brightness of our light we shine! Make your environment positive, kind and innovative. It can be precisely what you want if you choose to have the courage to be kind enough to help it along!

Do you know me?

How much do you know the students you teach? The families you serve? Your co-workers you see each day? How about your neighbors, community, or the agencies providing service to others?

I share with you my one word for the year commitment. I hope you have selected one or at least thinking about one you can focus on for 2022. In addition to the one word, I always like to select an action step to complete to help me enrich my life.

This is the one I did for my daughter. She has chickens, rooster, ducks, geese and so much more!

I started painting in 2021 and completed four paintings I gifted to others. I gave my first one to my husband and it hangs in our home. The second one I gave to my daughter and she has it displayed in her home. I am not sure about the other two I gave to my sister-in-law and friend. They all seemed to be so happy with the paintings and this made me feel good. So I am going to plan to paint one painting every month starting in January. It is a lofty goal but I am just going to make an effort to paint monthly. I have purchased the materials and I am ready to go.

So, what are ways you can get to know others and get to know your self at a deeper level? If you are working in an Educational setting I have the Artifact Bag activity I have done I am placing in the resource page of my website. This is a fun way to get to know each other. I am guessing it would work in other settings as well!

Getting to know you

  • Artifact Bag activity-Resource Page of Website
  • Pop Back from Break-Resource Page of Website
  • One on One Conversations
  • Inviting to share lunch
  • Sending a card to their home
  • Sending out a question of the day- “What do you like to_____” When you are able to gather some data you can begin to drop off some favorite things on a “Favorite Thing Day.”
  • Take a tour of the community to get to know all of the agencies
  • Knock on doors to introduce yourself to those in the community
  • Family, Friends and Food brings fun! (Hold special events)
  • Have places for people to always drop in information you can gain information to learn more about them.