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Expectations for Educational Leaders

What are the expectations for educational leaders? Most likely, the four listed above made your list, but what other expectations identify the good to the great? Many outstanding leaders I have known have had high expectations. If the expectations are set high for self, staff, and students, the school will soar with success. Building strong … Continue reading Expectations for Educational Leaders

Emotional- The Four Essential Skills

This Friday I bring to you Four Essential Skills of High-Performing Teams from the book Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0 written by Dr. Jean Greaves and Evan Watkins. I believe this book will help every organization. Who does not have emotions, feelings, moods, and behaviors? When you mix all of these together in working teams, the … Continue reading Emotional- The Four Essential Skills

Put us in, we want to coach or be coached!

Coaching helps every level The need for coaching support today is more extensive than it has ever been before. Help at each level in the organizational chain needs to be strengthened after being pushed to the limits over the past few years. Every individual, if asked in a survey, will tell you they have been … Continue reading Put us in, we want to coach or be coached!

Hidden Blessings- Lesson 5 Blindspots

Lesson 5: Blindspots exist. You must get connected. Many of us say: Get connected, utilize networking, talk with peers and join groups to gain insights. However, you cannot do all of it! If you try to be active on every social platform, you will not be present for essential parts of life. Being connected does … Continue reading Hidden Blessings- Lesson 5 Blindspots

Hidden Blessings-Lesson 1 Feedback

I want to give credit to Daniel Bauer for the five lessons I will share. In these lessons, I will share my input as well. We will cover them in several steps. These are the Lessons he shared in his email: Lesson 1: All feedback isn’t quality feedback. Lesson 1: All feedback isn’t quality feedback.Lesson … Continue reading Hidden Blessings-Lesson 1 Feedback