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June #LeadershipDevelopment Carnival

At the beginning of the month I have the privilege of sharing space with amazing global thought leaders. I work to fill the space with inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. Find my post, in the June #LeadershipDevelopment Carnival from Weaving Influence, hosted by Diana Peterson-More https://loom.ly/mW150qM While my expertise lies within the educational field, I have … Continue reading June #LeadershipDevelopment Carnival

7 Questions on Leadership

What questions do you have about leadership? Most likely, you will see them in the 7 questions asked by Consult Clarity. If you do not see your question, then ask it in the comments. I will answer, find the answer or someone will see the question and respond! Jonno White from Consult Clarity contacted me … Continue reading 7 Questions on Leadership

Stuck in Leadership-How to get unstuck?

We all experience moments of feeling stuck in various aspects of our lives. Whether it's driven by fear, a sense of powerlessness, or a loss of confidence, these periods can hinder our progress and success. When it comes to business and leadership, being stuck can be particularly detrimental to our outcomes and influence. Often, the … Continue reading Stuck in Leadership-How to get unstuck?

Unveiling the Essence of Effective Leadership-Summer Sun Shines Solutions

Leadership, an enigmatic concept that has captivated human beings for centuries, continues to be a subject of intrigue and exploration. Countless books, studies, and theories have attempted to decipher the character elements that define effective leadership. Yet, with each passing year, new questions arise, signaling an unending quest for solutions and answers. The eternal search … Continue reading Unveiling the Essence of Effective Leadership-Summer Sun Shines Solutions

We Can with Two Rules Wednesday 5

Two Rules We have covered what the two rules are and the questions to ask. This is the foundation and beginning of building on so much more in our process of developing this philosophy. One of the skill sets is resilience. How can you build resilience? This is a skill set we work on all … Continue reading We Can with Two Rules Wednesday 5

Planting the Garden of Leadership

Have you ever thought of Leadership like a garden? March 21st marks the first day of Spring, the signal to all of us to prepare for the season ahead. Many begin the season with a little “Spring Cleaning,” and some start to prepare for beautiful flowers and vegetables growing in the gardens we will see … Continue reading Planting the Garden of Leadership

L.O.V.E. In Leadership

Working hard in leadership is not something someone asks you to do. Once you begin your leadership role, you already know hard work is what you do. As a leader, you fall in love with what you do and the people you serve. Then you discover people you serve love what they do and you. … Continue reading L.O.V.E. In Leadership