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Lead from where you are!

When do you become a leader? Is it when you finally get that top spot or the title you have been dreaming of? Think about the leaders you know; what titles do they have? What characteristics do they have? The best questions are:

  • Why do you think they are leaders?
  • Why do you follow them?
  • Do they know they are a leader?

In our world today, we need great leadership. I have always said, “ Leadership is not a title, a position, or a picture of a person you can describe. It is a heart, purpose, calling, and desire to serve others as you model leadership.”

Where are you today?

Where do you want to be in five years?

What are you doing to help yourself move in the direction you plan to go?

I recommend the book Simple Truths of Leadership, 52 Ways to be a Servant Leader and Build Trust by Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley. This book will provide you with the best way to continue to grow, build capacity within your team, help engage as a coach or mentor. The book’s setup offers a weekly Simple Truth to follow. The big topics are identified, discussion guide at the back of the book to correlate with the #number you select. You can start anywhere you want! I love this book! I am biased a little because I have followed Ken Blanchard throughout my career! I continue to learn from his leadership.

I bought an extra copy to share with someone else! Who has the best story to share of why they need to have my extra copy? Please pick up a copy or two, share, start a book study! I will be happy to help you through Zoom! We need you! I am happy to serve in helping you grow! We are the solution daily as we work together in a world that needs all of you!

Servant Leadership

“The world is in desperate need of a new leadership model. Too many leaders have been conditioned to think of leadership only in terms of power and control. But there is a better way to lead—one that combines equal parts serving and leading.”-Ken Blanchard

Growing up, I was a timid young lady. People would never believe that about me today. My church provided me with many opportunities to learn about leadership and service. It felt natural to serve. I am blessed to have been guided by so many to help me be the person I am today.

I began with a quote from one of my favorite authors Ken Blanchard who helped me grow as a leader. Service leadership best describes my approach. It is not a leadership style but a behavior.

As a servant leader, you’re a “servant first.” The focus is on the needs of others before you consider your own. Working with others to provide them the support they need, seeing their perspective, and involving them in decisions can support building a sense of community. Individuals feel validated when we listen and take the time to understand all areas.

“Leaders who want to build a culture of trust, responsibility, and mastery need to share information with their people, especially during difficult times.”-Ken Blanchard

One of the characteristics you will find in a Service Leader is hope. Leaders maintain hope in difficult situations. They bring encouragement and believe that better times are ahead. They are looking at situations as opportunities for solutions. Hope is what they bring.

Take a look at your leadership. What kind of leader are you? What kinds of leaders do you have around you? What leadership do you believe we need at this time?

Building hope, serving others, and working for solutions together brightens the future in my opinion. I believe in providing our children with models of leadership and opportunities to be leaders. “Education is something we do with children, not to them.”-Brenda Yoho

Thank you for being part of the solution daily.