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We can Wednesday- Two Rules Issue 1

Time for Change How many children feel like they cannot learn in our schools today? How many teachers feel like they cannot teach in our schools today? How many school leaders feel like they cannot lead our schools today? Why the questions? Why the disconnect? Why are we hearing this today? Are we hearing it? … Continue reading We can Wednesday- Two Rules Issue 1

Change-We can Wednesday with Two Rules

Greetings everyone! I am thankful and blessed with all of you as followers, friends, and fans of “Be the Solution Daily.” I mentioned a while back I had changes coming, and they are coming slowly but fast at times. I am changing the blog format to publish only on Wednesday at 6:00 a.m. with a … Continue reading Change-We can Wednesday with Two Rules

Student and Teacher Motivation-Different?

Please take a look at the information gathered by EdWeek as they share it in chart form for easy comparison. Survey data show significant differences in student and teacher motivation. — Read on http://www.edweek.org/leadership/student-and-teacher-motivation-in-charts/2023/02 Motivation seems to be a driving force for teaching and learning. We have lots of data and information to share about … Continue reading Student and Teacher Motivation-Different?

Mission and Motivation

As educators, the first thing we establish is the vision and the mission. We need to understand the how to motivate staff and students to accomplish them but especially teaching and learning. How can we help students encourage themselves to learn? Content and crucial academic skills can be provided to students but are unlearned if … Continue reading Mission and Motivation