Thursday Thoughts of Back to School

He will yet fill Your mouth with laughter and Your lips with shouts of joy.

Job 8:21

Oh, the excitement in the air as my youngest grandson eagerly prepares for his first year of Kindergarten! As we enter the store for some “back to school” shopping, his voice is filled with pure joy, and his eyes beam with happiness. We’ve spent the last few months together, getting ready for this momentous occasion.

Meanwhile, my granddaughter has her list ready, and she knows exactly what she needs for the upcoming school year. She meticulously searches for specific items, trying them on to ensure they fit perfectly and feel just right. She has her own money to spend and she is watching her budget, but I am going to help her get what she needs.

On the other hand, my middle grandson may not be a fan of trying on clothes, but when it comes to shoes, he’s all in! Finding the perfect pair seems to be a thrilling quest for him.

And then there’s my daughter, the teacher. Even though she insists she doesn’t need anything, I always make sure to get a few things for her. Teachers deserve to be just as excited as my youngest grandson! We discussed her new classroom theme, and I picked up a few items to help make her room extra special for her students. I also got her a few back to school clothes too!

People often underestimate how much personal money teachers spend to create an engaging learning environment for their students. Thankfully, we have extended family and friends who also support her by providing resources when needed. It truly takes a collaborative effort from home, school, and the community to ensure the best possible education for all children.

If you know a teacher, consider getting them something special to start the school year. Gift cards for gas, Walmart, Amazon, Target, and other stores can be incredibly helpful. You can also add a personal touch, like giving them flowers for their classroom.

Furthermore, if there are organizations in your community holding back-to-school drives for kids in need, consider donating. One of the most impactful ways to help both teachers and students is to volunteer at the schools. There are various roles you can take on, such as assisting in the lunchroom, supervising recess, reading to students, helping with educational activities, and much more. It truly takes a collective effort from families, educators, and the community to create the positive change we all desire in education.

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