Leadership-Solution focused

There are many variations of leadership styles and approaches. Leaders find themselves utilizing parts and pieces of methods to design their personalized style. The bottom line is to integrate what works into an existing management structure to accomplish the desired goals. How do you describe your leadership to others? What is your style? I haveContinue reading “Leadership-Solution focused”

What now? Covid-19 positive takeaways?

In an issue of SmartBrief, March 2, 2021 https://www2.smartbrief.com. I found an interesting question and poll. “What is your biggest positive takeaway from the impact of COVID-19 on education?” Caregiver connection: Building stronger relationships with parents or caregivers 11.77% Learning flexibility: Using new learning modalities to provide students more options for engaging and demonstrating masteryContinue reading “What now? Covid-19 positive takeaways?”