Efficacy is a word we hear a great deal. Do we understand what it means in its various uses? Efficacy is the ability to perform a task to an expected degree or satisfaction; being successful in producing an intended result or effectiveness. Providing ourselves with a basic understanding of the definition helps guide us whenContinue reading “Efficacy”

Behavior- Everyone has it

What is behavior? It is what we see. Behavior is observable. It is the way an individual acts in response to a situation. Behavior is the way one conducts oneself. There are many ways we talk about behavior. “That girl is spoiled; she will not eat hamburgers cooked anywhere except from McDonald’s.” I can hearContinue reading “Behavior- Everyone has it”

Focus on Improvement-Friday

When we think about the improvement process a vision of binders appears with bullet points, goals, documents, graphs, data, charts and the list goes on. Stop ⛔ Think about focusing on improving one day at a time. At the end of the day, reflect. Now, what can you do tomorrow to be better than today?Continue reading “Focus on Improvement-Friday”

June books, summer reads and themes

Jon Gordon and Coach P.J. Fleck release a new book on June 9th titled Row the Boat. I can’t wait to read this book and design some thoughts to share with others. I have taken the following from Jon’s weekly newsletter to explain what lessons we will gain! The Oar The oar is the symbolContinue reading “June books, summer reads and themes”

Building Core Values

Organizations are made up of individuals. Individuals within every organization and workplace come with a set of values. However, as we join together to accomplish a mission, core values must become the foundation of the practices we use every day to perform our work and conduct ourselves. We have lists of values and beliefs inContinue reading “Building Core Values”

Do you have to agree with everything to like someone?

As I began to write, I reviewed what I have done to this point. What am I trying to accomplish? Is anyone reading, do people like what I am writing, and how do I know? The purpose of my writing is to provide help, support, encouragement, and to gain interest in my writing to publishContinue reading “Do you have to agree with everything to like someone?”

Food for thought on Friday

I have three quotes to review, reflect and respond. Please share your thoughts. Start a discussion. Pose a question. Share with others. How could we use these with our teams? I am looking forward to the possibilities! Thank you for being part of the solution daily!

Thursday Thoughts! Humble Inquiry, The Gentle Art of Asking Not telling, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded

Order your copy now at: https://www.amazon.com/Humble-Inquiry-Second-Instead-Leadership-dp-1523092629/dp/1523092629/ref=dp_ob_image_bk I am enjoying reading the new edition from authors Edgar H. Schein and Peter A. Schein! I just ordered an additional copy of the book to share with another leader. It is so valuable to recognize the work others are doing and to be able to share it! OverContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts! Humble Inquiry, The Gentle Art of Asking Not telling, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded”