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Can you hear communication?

Communication is the essential piece of any successful business. When you find a decline in productivity, the source of the issue usually is narrowed down to a lack of communication. If an employee leaves a position, when asked why they chose to go, it was a lack of communication. Education is in the business of … Continue reading Can you hear communication?

Circle, It’s not just a shape

β€œI made a decision to write for my readers, not to try to find more readers for my writing.” - Seth Godin A circle is a round-shaped figure that has no corners or edges. Have you heard circle used in different ways? When you think about a circle, you visualize the shape in your mind. … Continue reading Circle, It’s not just a shape

Back to School 🍎

Fall is my favorite season! It is the time of year where you begin to harvest the fruits of your labor as a farmer. Pumpkins, corn, apples, marshmallows and chocolate, scarecrows, and school supplies are the best! The sounds of the shoppers looking for just the right color of a folder, the best bookbag, and … Continue reading Back to School 🍎