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Do you have Friends?

How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold over thirty million copies, and nearly a century later, it still sells more than a quarter-million copies each year! It was first published in 1936. Is the book still relevant today? The answer is yes!

Friendships are an essential part of life. Building these relationships is based on the skills we have to form solid friendships. We need to look for similar interests, see things from their point of view, encourage them, avoid conflicts and consistently seek to flatter them. It seems easy to do, but we can quickly fail to remember these points at times. It can sometimes seem one-sided, and then a seed is planted in your mind, beginning the growth of weeds to suffocate the friendship.

Environmental Friendships

Are your friendships based on the environment you are in? Do you have work friends, school friends, organizational friends, or “old” friends? In life, we have a season for everything! Are your friendships based on the season you are in?

It is interesting to look at your friend list on social media. You have an entire list of friends or followers. How many are indeed friends? How do you describe a friend?

Defining Friendship

Friendship is a relationship between two people who genuinely enjoy being together, have similar interests, share the same values, and protect each other. Friends are like family! They support you during times of need, encourage you, tell you the truth and accept you for who you are as an individual.

I think the best way to separate a true friend and an acquaintance is time. For example: “Hey, I know you are going to treatments, and I want to help you by going with you on my days off. Let me know your schedule.” Another response: “So sorry to hear about what you are going through. My thoughts are with you.”

Of the two statements, which one comes from a friend? Which one comes from an acquaintance? Words are just words until they become actions. Time is a gift you cannot give away to many people. You only have 24 hours in a day. So if a friend gives you time, this is a special gift that only you receive.

I change into the gown for my treatment. I keep my phone with me until the nurse takes me back to begin the treatments. “You got this girl.” A text message appears. Thanks I have my gown on and ready to go back. “Watch out for the cameras!” I know with a laughing face. My friend Jeanette is waiting in the other room. Just what I needed before heading back for my radiation treatment for the day. Val had sent her emoji’s of praying hands, hearts and fun stuff. Becky had sent me her words of prayer with me I re-read. Dianna had sent a care package of skin care. I felt great!

Rituals of Friendship

We have talked about habits, next steps, sequences, patterns, and daily routines. If you look at close friends, you will discover a ritual. Your friendship is based on a ritual you have together: Maybe it is going to eat lunch after church each Sunday, Going to a Yoga class every Tuesday, Attending a Book Club every Monday, Talking on the phone daily, or any other combination of things. Friendships are developed in many different ways!

I can speak about how meaningful friendships are in my life journey. My life has been full of many challenges, life-threatening experiences, and hardships. I can count on my little friend list to always be there no matter the situation. In return, they know I will do all I can to help them. Today, make a point to add friends not to your list but to your active life. Grab a copy of How to When Friends and Influence People to gain more insight into building friendships. As long as I can remember my Friday on my calendar always had scheduled Family and Friends night! Many blessings to all of the Friends!!

Back to School 🍎

Fall is my favorite season! It is the time of year where you begin to harvest the fruits of your labor as a farmer. Pumpkins, corn, apples, marshmallows and chocolate, scarecrows, and school supplies are the best! The sounds of the shoppers looking for just the right color of a folder, the best bookbag, and don’t forget picking out the first day of school outfit.

My school year in 2010 changed forever for me. I barely escaped losing my life and was left with lifelong deficits to remind me of the gift of life daily. Children felt impacts to their lives as schools shut down, mask mandates, isolation from others, and a change no one was prepared to handle in their school year 2020.

Now 2021-2022 school year is upon us, and the memories of the previous shutdowns with mask mandates are looming. Illinois has just passed on information that all K-12 students and staff will wear masks as they return to school, even those who have been vaccinated.

Safety is always the priority of all school leaders. Safety means many things when we discuss children—the safety of body, mind, and spirit. Science directs us in our decision-making regarding health and wellness. Children are fragile and essential to all of us. As a mother, grandmother, educator, and loving human, what we do to them concerns me always. They are not able to make decisions for their overall safety for themselves, and that task is left to us.

There seems to be a great debate regarding vaccinations, masks, and everything related to Covid-19. Why? It is no longer about science but politics. I am not taking a political side, but the children who can not decide on their own.

Would you please push the political views aside? Doctors, scientists, pediatric specialists, and psychologists need to be heard to provide the guidelines for children. What are the best ways to protect the body, mind, and spirit?

I have included an article about the importance of connecting. My previous post about the Artifact Bag also talks about the importance of connection. Let’s not let 2021-2022 be a repeat for our children. We can find creative ways to embrace things we cannot control with stuff we can by connecting better.

Would you please focus on the magical joy of teaching and learning by connecting at the levels we need after all we have been through with Covid-19? “Education is something we do with children, not to them.”-Brenda Yoho