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Planning Teaching and Learning

Reading, reflecting, and researching ideas about teaching is something essential. I am always excited to share information to help educators teach and learn. Recent surveys indicate that nearly 50% of educators are contemplating leaving the profession earlier than planned or within the next two years (GBAO Strategies, 2022; Merrimack College & EdWeek Research Center, 2022). … Continue reading Planning Teaching and Learning

Nourishing Teaching and Learning-Today, Tomorrow and Always

The purpose of education seems to have different meanings when you ask other groups. If we look through the political accountability lens, the goal is to increase standards and raise requirements for test scores to reflect passing levels. Students may see education as just going to school, following the rules, and turning in their assignments. … Continue reading Nourishing Teaching and Learning-Today, Tomorrow and Always

Forward Teaching, Self-Paced Learning

Covid-19 placed all of us in the circumstances we did not expect. The approaches to recovery look different in the realms of the business, industrial, and education worlds. Education is faced with an overwhelming challenge to help students at an even more comprehensive range of learning levels than they have ever met before. The approach … Continue reading Forward Teaching, Self-Paced Learning

Teaching Tips, construction for building Listen Up leaders

What is the purpose of our work? It is to create skilled, adaptive learners who will be productive, positive citizens. Right? We need to give significant thought to our practices. Our students matter, we matter, and what we teach matters. Absolutely the sequences of history are essential to teaching. We need to know where we … Continue reading Teaching Tips, construction for building Listen Up leaders

Create the roads, Clear the Path

Friday Focus-Leadership Each day we are reminded of the importance of many things, but leadership is essential in every aspect of life. Leadership is the deciding factor of accomplishing the work, goals, and delivery of success to every component in our chain of command. Make people feel important who work for you, with you, or … Continue reading Create the roads, Clear the Path