Hidden Message-Is it?

One of my friends shared this picture, and it truly resonates once you’re able to perceive its depth. It’s a sentiment I’ve held for decades, grounded in my own firsthand experiences of greed from another. It’s astonishing how individuals can become entranced by the power they believe it holds, even to the point of tearing apart their own families to preserve it. This is precisely why I consistently emphasized to others, during my years of work, that my purpose was to serve others rather than serve myself. I know what it means to have very little of it and what it is to a lot of it. Neither control your happiness, as you are in control of you.

I sincerely hope my principle shone through in all my actions and interactions throughout my journey. I treat all the same, judge no one and never assume anything. The person living in a country family farmhouse could have more of what this picture reflects, but you would never know. It is in those individuals who quietly do things no one knows which make impacts which can be seen, but never realizing where the funding came from.

My life’s essence has always revolved around giving, rather than fixating on receiving. Each day, like today, is an invaluable chance to create a positive impact in someone else’s life. It’s important to realize that the additional day we’ve been granted isn’t solely for our own benefit; it’s because God knows someone out there needed us. This notion highlights the profound interconnectedness of our existence.

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