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Opportunity-Grant money for Computer Science Principles

An opportunity for $1million dollars awards to one middle and high school school in every U.S. state of $10,000 to help establish a computer science education with Code.org. To be eligible a school must commit to: Add a new Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A, or Computer Science Discoveries course using Code.org to your course schedule. Describe how you plan … Continue reading Opportunity-Grant money for Computer Science Principles

More Information/Resources for Cyberbullying!

A follower of Bethesolutiondaily.com sent an email to me and provided an additional resource to provide more support to the readers and followers. Thank you, Susan Klein, Outreach Specialist-BroadBandSearch The original post on Cyberbullying can be reviewed in case you missed it. Please share with me anything you believe will help others or leave it … Continue reading More Information/Resources for Cyberbullying!