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We can with Two Rules Wednesday 7

Two Rules is more than feeling good and feeling safe. As we continue to learn about how we put these in place, it is in how we present, prepare, and consistently do and say each day that the promises made in Two Rules are lived each day. Control is not something to fight for, but … Continue reading We can with Two Rules Wednesday 7

Opportunity-Grant money for Computer Science Principles

An opportunity for $1million dollars awards to one middle and high school school in every U.S. state of $10,000 to help establish a computer science education with Code.org. To be eligible a school must commit to: Add a new Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A, or Computer Science Discoveries course using Code.org to your course schedule. Describe how you plan … Continue reading Opportunity-Grant money for Computer Science Principles

More Information/Resources for Cyberbullying!

A follower of Bethesolutiondaily.com sent an email to me and provided an additional resource to provide more support to the readers and followers. Thank you, Susan Klein, Outreach Specialist-BroadBandSearch The original post on Cyberbullying can be reviewed in case you missed it. Please share with me anything you believe will help others or leave it … Continue reading More Information/Resources for Cyberbullying!