Leadership Reset…No Way!

Watching the Open golf tournament with my husband and a player hits the ball, it makes it to the green, it rolls and hits the flag, denying a hole in one. What? Wait a minute. I call interference. That should count. My husband only laughs at me. It is no laughing matter; I am sureContinue reading “Leadership Reset…No Way!”


‚ÄúLife is not always what one wants it to be. A turn right instead of the left can make a difference on the path you choose. It is when you decide to make the best of it, as it is, even when the choices are not what you want to hear. Instead, you take eachContinue reading “Acceptance”

Advice vs. Advising

One of my blogs this week was on advice. I posed the question on Twitter about the best advice you have given and the best advice you have received. As I posed the questions, I took the time to reflect on all of the advice I have received and the times I have advised others.Continue reading “Advice vs. Advising”

Advice? Take it, give it or refuse it?

Can I give you some advice? Have you heard that before? Well, if I were you, I would…. I would have never made that decision. What were they thinking? As a leader, many people will look at the decisions you make and provide advice. Do you accept advice from others? How do you determine whoContinue reading “Advice? Take it, give it or refuse it?”