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Voice vs. Ear and Brain vs. Heart

Speaking Voice-Listening Ear “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” ~ Ernest Hemingway One of the best ways to build a positive image of your school, district, business, and organization or a negative one is how you communicate. Websites provide others the opportunity to evaluate you. If this page is outdated, not easy to … Continue reading Voice vs. Ear and Brain vs. Heart

Slip-Ups, Stumbling Blocks, Stepping Stones Part II

Maya Angelou is one of my favorite individuals. She passed away too soon for me. I love her writing; the words she shares and her voice whispers over my heart with tenderness. I am sharing this story today not because of a political stance or to ask for comments regarding decisions made. I came across … Continue reading Slip-Ups, Stumbling Blocks, Stepping Stones Part II

Gather together

Do not neglect to gather. Hebrews 10:25 During the pandemic, we were asked to shelter in place to protect ourselves and others during the time Covid-19 was hitting our communities. We developed different ways to work, educate and communicate using technology. However, we missed the face-to-face social interaction and human contact we all need. We … Continue reading Gather together

Emotional- The Four Essential Skills

This Friday I bring to you Four Essential Skills of High-Performing Teams from the book Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0 written by Dr. Jean Greaves and Evan Watkins. I believe this book will help every organization. Who does not have emotions, feelings, moods, and behaviors? When you mix all of these together in working teams, the … Continue reading Emotional- The Four Essential Skills