Thursday Thoughts

I enjoy reading, learning, and always stretching myself to find solutions to share with others. Leadership is essential in supporting growth in every aspect of life. We want to grow in our personal life, faith, family, work, and community. I am sharing information from Bill Dodd and his insights. The resource for his post isContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts”

What do you expect from others? What do they except from you?

“Great teachers have high expectations for their students, but even higher expectations for themselves.” -Todd Whitaker We find ourselves today in a garden full of weeds as we try to find the plants that are producing the quality we want in our garden of leaders. Many seeds have been planted, but the quality is notContinue reading “What do you expect from others? What do they except from you?”

Put me in Coach!

It isn’t easy sometimes to understand where you are in this game of teaching and learning. We all need a coach, feedback and checked on to let us know we are doing okay. Teachers, leaders, parents and students, we all need some coaching! I write my blogs to reach someone who needs a little encouragement,Continue reading “Put me in Coach!”