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Trauma Sensitive- Book to read for Schools

Please read my review of the book Trauma-Sensitive School Leadership. MiddleWeb has published the review, and this is a book to consider adding to your list of reading. The reports of students failing in schools have identified our schools as failing. We have many things we need to repair in education, and we have not … Continue reading Trauma Sensitive- Book to read for Schools

Placing Doubt

“It only takes one person to whisper a little doubt in your ear for it to begin.”—Brenda Yoho, #Bethesolutiondaily Do You Believe? I am a mother, grandmother, and retired educator. Like most of you, I have been asked by a child, “Do you believe in, (Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, Ghosts, Fairies, … Continue reading Placing Doubt

Relationships are Built over time

Establishing a foundation is the beginning of what we do in building a relationship. As educators, we take dedicated steps to ensure families have all the information they need at the beginning of the year to support their child/children. Open houses are held where families can come to “meet the teacher,” as well as the … Continue reading Relationships are Built over time

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

We have many days of the year marked as special days to celebrate something. Even months are dedicated to celebrating a particular cause, a point in history, or a reminder to ourselves about the importance of specific detailed information. Do we need all of these days to remind us to celebrate events, things, people, and … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day 2023

Thoughts to think about-Thursday

Living with principles in confusing times…….. The new year came in January, and now we are facing forward in February, deciding what to prioritize, sorting out options, and choosing directions. Facing February can bring conflicting pressures when we are still focused on things from yesterday and not sure of what is happening in our corner … Continue reading Thoughts to think about-Thursday