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Heartstrings and swings!

“School shooting in Texas” is four words to stop you, frozen at the moment, and your heartstrings are pulled. The number of injuries, loss of life, the individual or individuals involved in the shooting makes no difference. It is the four words no mother, father, grandparent, or educator wants to hear ever. Then the media … Continue reading Heartstrings and swings!

#SELDAY March 11, 2022

This week we celebrate School Social Workers and recognize Social Emotional Learning Day on March 11th! The theme for National School Social Workers week March 6-12 is “Time to Shine!” Our School Social Workers do amazing things to support our children, families, and staff! They genuinely shine all of the time! Join the SEL Day … Continue reading #SELDAY March 11, 2022

A hiding place? Safe spaces

I find myself reflecting on the troubles facing Ukraine, as well as others around the globe. Searching to find a safe place takes a different meaning when facing a war. My heart aches for the children, mothers, and fathers as they struggle with facing the fears, holding back tears, and hopeful for more than good … Continue reading A hiding place? Safe spaces

Let’s Talk-Personal Message

Thank you for being a follower! My goal is to work each day to provide followers with solutions, thoughts, inspiration, motivation, and resources. I have recorded a message for you today. This is my beginning to bring video content to you. It is challenging to record yourself, but this content I wanted to share with … Continue reading Let’s Talk-Personal Message

Each day Counts-How do you count them?

Every day is a gift, unwrap them with your “why” and “gratitude.” -Brenda Yoho In each day you will find what you seek. The time clicks, tics and flies by, but it is in how we choose to fill, remember and remind ourselves to appreciate all they bring. Monday’s are the best! I love them … Continue reading Each day Counts-How do you count them?

Supporting-keys in solutions to educator success

The problem-How do we develop a sense of efficacy, confidence in accomplishing meaningful impact?The solution-The identified keys to establishing educator success Key 1: Collective Efficacy Educators in a school need to believe they can positively affect student learning. Individual teachers can think their efforts are helping and are working with the children they are serving, … Continue reading Supporting-keys in solutions to educator success