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Relationships are Built over time

Establishing a foundation is the beginning of what we do in building a relationship. As educators, we take dedicated steps to ensure families have all the information they need at the beginning of the year to support their child/children. Open houses are held where families can come to “meet the teacher,” as well as the … Continue reading Relationships are Built over time

Keep talking, connecting and listening

How it begins In the beginning, we dedicated efforts to ensuring families had the information needed to help their children to succeed. We did this by hosting open houses and “meet the teacher” events to introduce ourselves, create great first impressions, and start the steps forward on the path to building relationships with families. During … Continue reading Keep talking, connecting and listening

We have layers-What are they?

Have you ever thought about layers before? I know my brother-in-law loves to look at cakes with the multiple layers you can choose from when selecting the right one. Then I know my family is likely to tease me because I am usually wearing three layers. I am sorry, but I like wearing sleeveless tanks … Continue reading We have layers-What are they?

What’s Trust Got to Do With It?

Everything! If you do not have trust in any relationship or environment, there is no chance it will last or work. Have you ever worked in an environment where you did not trust those you worked with or worked for? If you have, you know exactly how it feels. While listening to an individual tell … Continue reading What’s Trust Got to Do With It?

Today I will say….

My blog post on October 27, 2022, began with students saying. Embedded within the post was an article with data collected from middle and high school students. The data in the paper presented the biggest barriers to student learning, according to a new report released by YouthTruth, a nonprofit that surveys K-12 students and families … Continue reading Today I will say….