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Dirt on the Window

Our vision can be clouded for many reasons. It is up to us to step back and reflect on the “why” of the situation. Turn to the guidance you need in the right place. What do I mean by this statement?

We seek guidance from others, but those we seek from may not always have our best interest as a priority. We have to take rugged looks at those we surround ourselves with to understand the actual value they bring to our lives. Surround yourself with those who will shout your praises to everyone publicly and are genuine in their support for your success.

My faith is my strength, and God directs my guidance. I surround myself with so many who have the same level of faith I do. If you look at the leadership of those I admire the most; you will find a strong faith at the center of who they are.

Jon Gordon is at the top of my list, as you know from following my blog. If you do not already follow, please do! If you are not connected with me on LinkedIn, Twitter @BrendaYoho, or Website, please do! If you would like to win one of Jon Gordon’s new books, The Sale, give me a like and comment on why you want to win! I will hold a live drawing to win these books! Please do not wait. I want to get these books into your hands so you can experience this great wisdom to share with others!

What kind of Noise do you make?

Noise Turn up your volume and enjoy this noise!

“Turn down the TV!”

“I can hear her coming home, the car radio is so loud!”

“What are those sirens for?”

“The wind is blowing and the wind chimes sound so beautiful.”

What is noise? Noise is defined as unwanted sound found to be unpleasant, loud, or disruptive to hearing. The brain receives and perceives a sound. There is no distinction between noise and desired sound, as both are vibrations through a medium such as air or water. Our brain sends signals to respond to the noise we receive.

Do you think there is more noise today than ten years ago? How about five years ago? How about just within this year? Many people are talking, yelling at times, and have so much anger. The noise level is high, in my opinion.

So, what kind of noise do you make? My friend Becky Robinson just released her book Reach, where she guides in helping others to get their message, thoughts, and ideas out to as many people as possible. I recommend reading Reach as a great tool to help you overcome the noise of the world. Order Reach today to help your voice be heard. We need your voice, thoughts, ideas, and message.

How do you get your voice heard in all of this noise? Every voice is needed! You matter! I had the opportunity a year ago to attend an event with Berrett-Koehler Publishers. It was the best experience for me. I met incredible people, learned amazing things, established friendships, and gained a “family.” This event is being offered again this year and I recommend attending. You do not need a book written at this time to listen and learn. It is a way to learn, grow and cut through the noise to be heard. This is the first step in living your purpose, delivering your message, and bringing value to a world that needs you.

Join us for the two-day Virtual BK Nonfiction Book Marketing Workshop: Cutting Through the Noise to Sell More Books on June 8–9, 2022, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm PST / 11:00 am to 6 pm EST.

This event is open to the public and will have content for aspiring, new, and experienced authors, as well as book marketing professionals. We encourage all attendees to set up an “out of office” email and be present in the event, but if you have to miss any of it, we will be recording the entire workshop so that you can watch it later at your convenience. 

Sign up by the Early Bird deadline of April 30 to access special pricing.

You can see the agenda of speakers and topics here.

Mark your calendar and plan to join us to experience a breakthrough in your effectiveness in reaching your audiences with your work.


We look forward to seeing you!

The BK Authors Workshop Committee

Chair: Becky Robinson 

Committee: Dianna Bensch, Gwen Cooper, Kristen Frantz, Stacey Hall, Bob Miglani, Nikki Soulsby, Brenda Wensil, and Brenda Yoho

Don’t wait! REACH

Reach-Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause by Becky Robinson

Ready Everyone? A Chance Has come to understand how to get your message out to others. REACH

I began my journey in 2018. I had been reading authors’ manuscripts, participating in book launches (I still do), and taking part in everything I could to learn about publishing and writing a book. This is how Becky Robinson and I became friends. We found each other, but I think God placed her on my path. I cannot explain it any other way. She is such a blessing.

“If we choose to, we can all make a tremendous impact on the lives of others.”-Becky Robinson

Choice is a big part of what I believe and teach. It is the choices we make that can change the direction of the path to our success, reach, impact and absolutely our negative outcomes. I hope you choose to pick up a copy of her book even if you are not thinking of writing a book. Reach will help you in getting your message out to others in a time when it needs to be heard.

“Every interaction you have is an opportunity to influence and encourage a valuable human being.”-Becky Robinson.

Bringing value to others consistently with quality content is a critical piece in REACH. The 4 REACH commitments are Value, Consistency, Generosity, and Longevity. These commitments align perfectly with the foundation of #Bethesolutiondaily and the Two Rules philosophy. If you look at your cause, book, or message, it will also. The 4 REACH commitments are the best foundation for the purpose you have. Please learn how to apply them in your message by reading Reach by Becky Robinson, available today! Don’t wait! Reach! It is in you to tell others!

Resources to Support

Utilize Becky’s website to connect to her information from articles, events, podcasts, and more. You can leave your email to connect to not miss out on updates and resources. Check out her website at

Only you can!

I hope no one has ever discouraged you or provided you with information to lead you to think differently. Your voice, your words, your thoughts, your ideas all matter. It is essential to hear, see and engage with everyone to see and hear all. Within each of us, we hold a particular purpose. Each individual is designed to be part of something in the world we live and share. Many of us may have walked through the shadows of the valley of death, traveled through mighty storms, and felt the power of healing and praise for our blessings. Our storms are not designed for punishments but opportunities for more significant relationships as we learn powerful lessons as God walks with us. Find your footing, embrace our faith and engage in our journey to Reach and impact. Clean our lenses to look at all as we share solutions for better days ahead. Go ahead and REACH! The world is waiting.

You Have Potential!

Have you said or heard these words? How do they make you feel? Are you validated, feel encouraged and become more invested in what you are working hard to achieve?

Do these words make you feel overwhelmed? Do they make you question what you are doing? Are your thoughts shifted to thinking I am not good enough and I can never reach my goal?


The experiences with the word potential will determine the emotions it brings.

“You show great potential, and we wish you continued success. However, we have selected another candidate for the position.”

“Yesterday, you showed us great potential in handling the team meeting; we look forward to your continued growth!”

Experiencing these statements utilizing the word potential, you may experience different emotions as you leave the conversations. It also depends on the relationship of the individuals making the statements. Many factors impact the way people “feel” after discussions with leaders and colleagues.

What is my Potential?

To truly know your potential, you have to know where you want to go! Like Alice in Wonderland, you really can’t trust to ask someone else which direction to go. Turning to yourself and understanding who you are, what you want to do, and who you want to become are all questions you can answer.

Follow these steps to find your Potential:

  • Listen to yourself-decide what you want to be and where you want to go.
  • Set goals-decide on the destination you want to try and work towards that goal first. Sometimes our first choice does not work out. It is perfectly fine to keep exploring.
  • Mindset-establish a growth mindset to allow yourself to grow in the areas you want to explore. People can plant seeds in our minds of things they say we are good at, but maybe we do not enjoy doing.
  • Establish Checkpoints-Provide yourself a timeline to check in on “where” you are with your goals, exploring your “what,” “why,” and “how” you plan to get there.
  • Acceptance-Along the journey of potential, acceptance of failures will keep you moving forward.
  • Celebration-Along with failures, success is celebrated as you move forward.
  • Review, Reflect, and Revise-The R’s when starting a change process. Review the “what,” Reflect on the “how,” and Revise anything needed to continue to move forward. Add one more R-Rest to help keep your mind strong!
  • Be disciplined- Stay focused on your plan and goals.
  • Time-management-Be mindful of your time and follow your plan.
  • Big Picture-Remember “Think with the end in mind”-Covey

Finding Potential with Authenticity

On your journey in knowing “You have Potential,” realize it is not at the cost of being someone you are not. My potential is being the best representation of who I am, in the place where I can showcase it the best! It is a marathon and not a sprint. It takes time, hard work, self-awareness, learning and failure.

The most important lesson I have learned in the journey to find potential is when you improve one area, other areas can improve! You can discover new skills, improve other skills and learn so much more! You may not see the rewards today, but with perseverance you will!

My career in education grew over the years, changed in positions and then came to a conclusion in retirement. I had to pivot to find a different way to bring value to others. “Every interaction you have is an opportunity to influence and encourage a valuable human being.”-Becky Robinson, Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause pg. 124.

Pick Me

Like in school, when picking people to join your team to play, everyone calls out, “pick me.” I am working my way to building my connections to bring more value to others and move my book forward. It all takes time to grow! Do not give up; keep growing, bring value to others and build a solid network to support your journey! Many call out to “pick me,” but do not be discouraged when they do not call on you! Soon it will be your turn to be picked and be ready to bring all you have to offer to those who say, “I pick you!” You have reached your full potential!

Monday! A great gift to unwrap!

What gifts did you unwrap this Christmas you found to be the most important to you? I love to hear about traditions and unique gifts people share during the Christmas season. It is my favorite holiday for so many reasons, and one I love to celebrate each day of the year.

Monday’s can be a day hard to face if you are greeting it after a holiday break, experiencing a loss, or coming to a place you do not want to be. Now others are thinking, no way I am so excited for today! I love getting back to work and seeing people I have missed.

The holidays can be stressful! We always try to make them as easy as possible with pure fun and enjoyment. This year I wanted Christmas to be a game for the kids. I am big on passing down pieces of family memories, but this year I wanted to let the kids begin to start recording their own. However, I did not know that on December 22, I would receive an unwanted gift. A phone call told my husband and me, “your biopsy is positive for cancer, breast cancer.”

Nothing changes in how we continue in facing our days. Our gifts would be unwrapped just as we planned. No need to let the unwanted gift of this news tear open the plans of happiness for the best Christmas ever for the grandchildren!

Giving gifts are the best, but receiving is lovely too! I am so grateful for the hearts of my grandchildren and how their parents allow them to be authentic as they grow. My grandson was able to shop at school for us. He bought a coffee mug for grandpa, “Grandpa, you are out of this world,” with a UFO and martian. He bought me a beautiful necklace that had an oyster shell to open to find a pearl to place inside the heart. My granddaughter bought an essential oil diffuser with oils she specifically picked out to help with reading and writing. “Deep Thoughts and Mindfulness.” My youngest grandson gave me the gift of slippers and socks to keep me warm and safe.

I could not have asked for a better Christmas with these beautiful children, a loving husband, an amazing daughter, and a son-in-law. Our friends helped us always support this time to celebrate, and they are the best!

Some gifts you unwrap you want to return, you think to yourself, what were they thinking? My grandson yelled out after opening a gift, “You know me so well!” Then you are left with some gifts you do not know what to do with, but with the many gifts you receive, always remember the blessings you have and the gift that can never be taken from you. As you reflect on those blessings, let me share the one gift I gave to the children was a picture book all about them! Memories, make them!

Let’s take a StoryWalk

Teachers, if you do not know about StoryWalks, please take a look at the following article! I love it! As a 5th grade teacher, we did many different things to engage readers, but this is the best idea ever!

I can see how you can utilize this as a fun family night activity! So many things you can do. The author of the attached article “walks” you through creating, selecting, and organizing a StoryWalk. I can see the creation of mystery walks during fall. We can make a fun StoryWalk about our school, community, or state. How about science? A StoryWalk through a human cell?

I have worked with some very creative teachers and administrators who could, I know, do amazing things with StoryWalks. If you do one, please, please share with me. I would love it! Happy to share with others and brag on you! This seems so incredible to me.

I am looking forward to seeing your StoryWalks! If I can help you with ideas, send me an email at