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I was wrong! How many leaders can say this?

We want to hear our leaders say those three words when they have made an error or mistake. Many will quickly speak those words, and those will dance around to avoid them. Well, I want to tell you I have been wrong. I look back over things I have stated and the wording used. It … Continue reading I was wrong! How many leaders can say this?

Professional Learning-Your way

One glove does not fit all was a post last week. Professional learning is an integral part of growth for each of us, but are we utilizing all the resources and tools available to maximize the time and cost? What is the best way to receive professional learning? Do you conduct book studies? Attend Podcasts? … Continue reading Professional Learning-Your way

What kind of Noise do you make?

Noise Turn up your volume and enjoy this noise! “Turn down the TV!” “I can hear her coming home, the car radio is so loud!” “What are those sirens for?” “The wind is blowing and the wind chimes sound so beautiful.” What is noise? Noise is defined as unwanted sound found to be unpleasant, loud, … Continue reading What kind of Noise do you make?