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Good Morning…Wednesday Wisdom

A cup full of positivity will bring a smile! Before you walk out the door, double-check you have not forgotten your smile. Here is the best thing about a smile. When others see it, they smile too! The other thing, they are secretly wondering, why are you smiling? Maybe this will cause them to reflect … Continue reading Good Morning…Wednesday Wisdom


Developing kindness in the workplace is a little different than being nice. We can find workplaces where individuals are friendly, pleasant to visitors, and courteous when needed. However, living within these cultures and climates can be very different when the curtain is pulled back to see reality. Do you want nice or kindness in your … Continue reading Kindness

Kindness, Every Monday Matters

Every Monday Matters by Matthew Emerzian is a great way to kick off every Monday! Packed full of engaging ideas to take action at the level you select. The proceeds from the purchase of this book will be donated to Every Monday Matters to support its national YOU MATTER K-12 Education Program. The book and … Continue reading Kindness, Every Monday Matters