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Finish the sentence

I can’t control the weather, but I can control____________________. I can’t control what people say, but I can control _________________. Some things I used to love to do, but I don’t do anymore______________. When I was in school, I ____________________________. If I could change one thing today, I would_______________________. The best part of my job … Continue reading Finish the sentence

What’s Trust Got to Do With It?

Everything! If you do not have trust in any relationship or environment, there is no chance it will last or work. Have you ever worked in an environment where you did not trust those you worked with or worked for? If you have, you know exactly how it feels. While listening to an individual tell … Continue reading What’s Trust Got to Do With It?

Good Enough? Not Enough?

As a Nation, we have faced many challenges and overcome many obstacles. Throughout history I have been amazed by the many stories of courageous men and women who have exceeded expectations. I have been blessed to meet individuals who have survived being captured as a prisoner of war, a woman who survived the Holocaust to … Continue reading Good Enough? Not Enough?