Doctor, Doctor, Teacher, Teacher…what do you say? I have a bad case of…..

When all of our schools open the doors for face-to-face instruction, we also need to open our minds to new possibilities. Things will be different! Let’s not have the expectation we will be back to “normal.”

Stable Environments? Do we have those?

We have a great deal of talk about our environment in the news, especially when it involves a political race. Environmental talk is essential, but actions speak louder. However, the environmental discussion I think is vital for our future is our children’s daily exposure in homes and school settings. “The environment has a significant impactContinue reading “Stable Environments? Do we have those?”

Do you know a Johnny?

Mrs. Yoho, they need you. Johnny is having problems in the classroom. “Johnny, what is going on today? Let’s go walk and talk.” “I don’t like her. My teacher is not nice, and I don’t like those kids.” “Johnny, did you eat breakfast this morning?” “No” “I bet you didn’t take your medicine either.” “Nope.”Continue reading “Do you know a Johnny?”

This is for you! #Bethesolutiondaily

Finding Facts, Adding Value to what you need as you read! I consult often with others for feedback. Let’s face it don’t we all need it! I don’t care what kind I get right now just anything to help me know if what I am doing is helping someone. So I sent an email toContinue reading “This is for you! #Bethesolutiondaily”