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The rest of the story…

My blog today talks about “Tell stories to change lives.” I have always been the authentic me. Telling your story does not make you less of a leader but an individual who can make a difference in the life of another. People want to know about struggles and they especially want to know they are … Continue reading The rest of the story…

The apples have fallen from the tree

My father-in-law was a man of very few words. He always made me nervous. My husband and I began dating when we were in high school. At 16, I guess I was a little worried about many things in life. One of the phrases I remember he said was, “If you do not like my … Continue reading The apples have fallen from the tree


Focus On Responding My Two Rule Philosophy is about feeling good and feeling safe. Implementing this philosophy helps children of all ages to learn: Seeing situations from another person’s perspective. Becoming aware of how to be safe. Becoming aware of what feeling good is like. Learning to be responsive instead of reactive. Developing compassion for … Continue reading F.O.R