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Can you hear communication?

Communication is the essential piece of any successful business. When you find a decline in productivity, the source of the issue usually is narrowed down to a lack of communication. If an employee leaves a position, when asked why they chose to go, it was a lack of communication. Education is in the business of … Continue reading Can you hear communication?

Do you have Friends?

How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold over thirty million copies, and nearly a century later, it still sells more than a quarter-million copies each year! It was first published in 1936. Is the book still relevant today? The answer is yes! Friendships are an essential part of life. Building these relationships is … Continue reading Do you have Friends?

Back to School 🍎

Fall is my favorite season! It is the time of year where you begin to harvest the fruits of your labor as a farmer. Pumpkins, corn, apples, marshmallows and chocolate, scarecrows, and school supplies are the best! The sounds of the shoppers looking for just the right color of a folder, the best bookbag, and … Continue reading Back to School 🍎