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Are you afraid?

Do you have something you are afraid to try? Is there a job you would like to do? Maybe a new approach or strategy? What is holding you back?

I understand! I am afraid of making mistakes or failing. Why? I don’t want others to think poorly of me. Is that it?

Push yourself to continue to reach for your goals. Others have failed several times before reaching their destination. Each failure provided a lesson! Learn from the lessons and apply them to your continued journey to the destination of success. I believe you can do it!

Thank you for being the solution daily! Each individual working daily to support each other and making a positive impact can make a big difference. Share one positive today, see where it goes.

Thought for the day

One of my former Superintendent’s arrived early to work, and I did too. I would send out a “Monday Morning Message” of inspiration. He would usually be one of the first to receive it. Sometimes he would call my office, email me or call me down to talk about items for the week and my “Hallmark message.” This was my unique contribution to our team.

Always remember a little inspiration, encouragement, and genuine gratitude does the spirit good. It is hard work both physically, emotionally, and mentally. Lifting others is an integral part of the day.

One last message as you reflect, review and renew. Are your climate, environment, and team ready to trust, honor and support each other in difficult times or any time?

Thank you for being part of the solution daily! Together with focused solutions, respect, and support, all things are possible.

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Monday starts with One….

As we start each day, remember you are the solution others seek. Maybe you are the one seeking a solution. If we could all look at the world in a way to help and support each other every day would be a great day!

Make meaningful moments, memories, and differences in each day. Never let a person pass without a chance to say words of wisdom, inspiration, or good cheer.

Thank you for being the solution daily! The world is better because you are here! See you tomorrow as we take time to treasure another day!

March into Monday with purpose!

March right into a month of opportunities as we kick off the first week in March with Read Across America! Tomorrow we will celebrate the birthday of Dr. Suess! To find out more ways to support reading in your schools, communities and homes go to https://www.nea.org/professional-excellence/student-engagement/read-across-america

Unlock the door to reading, the key to everywhere!

I love reading! My grandchildren will tell you it is my favorite thing to do and I enjoy reading with them. We have a space created in our home for play, but most importantly plenty of spots filled with books. They have a special carpeted spot on our landing with pillows, crates of books and a big window to look out to enjoy birds, rabbits, deer and any other wildlife that choose to visit.

I have my favorite books to share with them, and they enjoy my stories to go along with why they are special to me. One is The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson. I share my friendship with my friend Tammy growing up and how she took such great care of me. It is my opportunity to talk to them about friendship, relationships and how to care for everyone.

As you look at each day, know they mean something in history, culture and to individuals. Maybe it is a celebration of a birth, wedding, graduation or accomplishment. However, it can also be an anniversary of a loss, a rejection, a reminder of something traumatic and sadness. It is up to each of us to learn about those untold stories as a way to support not by asking, reminding, but by showing up and listening.

Social-Emotional Learning, Mental Health, Self-Care are essential to all. Learn how to support, teach, practice and communicate ways to share helpful information to others.

Thank you for #Bethesolutiondaily

March 26th is Social-Emotional Learning Day; find out more information at https://selday.org

Happy Birthday 🎉

March 2, 1904

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known under his pseudonym “Dr. Seuss,” was probably the best-loved and the best-selling children’s book writer of all time! My childhood, my daughters and my grandchildren, have enjoyed these beautiful books! As an educator I passed on my love for the gift of reading with Dr. Suess books and now my daughter does the same in her classroom! A celebration of his birthday on March 2nd each year kicks off a week-long Read Across America!

But wait ⛔ In the division of this nation, anger-filled individuals and everyone eager to find a reason to “cancel.” We find ourselves scratching our heads wondering what is going on.

The link below is one article regarding why Dr. Suess is cancelled in some US schools


Oh how I worry about the things they will do

What will my grandchildren, and those after go

To learn, appreciate, laugh, create, imagine and grow

Oh my oh my, do people who cancel really know

This type of thing is not the way, but maybe so…

Soon we will have no one left to say, No!

March 2 is National Read Across America Day, established by National Education Association (NEA) in 1998 to help get kids excited about reading. The day occurs each year on the birthday of beloved children’s book author Dr. Swiss. A perfect way to celebrate is to read one his famous tales, like One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, fix green eggs and ham for breakfast or take a virtual trip through the places you will go!

March into reading! It takes you anywhere you want to go! You learn about others, differences, cultures, animals, space, science, math and so much! Appreciate all, understand differences and grow! Enjoy Read Across America!

National Read Across America Day – March 2

Stan Tall and Bea Proud, a great couple!

A loving couple to send the right messages today! Love, respect, compassion, understanding, and support.

Many years ago, I began my career in education as a teaching assistant. I genuinely love all of the children I served and have a strong passion for making each day better than before. It did not take long after encouragement from others; I made my way back to school to gain my teaching degree and then my masters to become an administrator.

The needs of the children I served were always my priority. Seeing early in my career the issue of bullying, I was allowed to develop approaches to address these social-emotional needs early. I thank my principal Susan Riggle for believing in a teaching assistant to bring programming to her school.

Shining Stars was born and with the assistance of our social workers we expanded. This is when I first met my dear friend Dr. Dorothy Espelage a worldwide known expert on bullying. The assistance she provided helped to improve our student’s needs and how they responded.

My career moved me to a position as Assistant Principal of the middle school. I had always been in elementary, so people did not think my elementary style would work. Well, children are children was my response.

So when I asked for help in constructing two large giraffes named Stan and Bea in our main hallway, people began to wonder. But, there was a significant reason for this project and the details would soon be disclosed.

“Welcome, everyone! Many of you I know from the elementary and now we are here in the middle school together! Did you love those awesome giraffes as you came in? The one on the left is Stan and the one on the right is Bea. They are part of the giraffe project to remind us of the importance we each play in our school, family and community. See Stan is all about standing tall and taking risks when it means sticking up for what is right! He knows standing by and letting someone or a group say or do something wrong is not right. He will stick his neck out for what is right and get help. Bea is all about being proud. She takes pride in how her school, household, community looks. When someone throws trash on the floor or ground she does her part in picking it up. Always remind others to keep our places clean as it is a reflection on us. But sometimes accidents happen, so when we see it, pick it up, we become part of the solution, not the problem.”

“Do you know why giraffes have such a long neck? Well, it is because one day, a father went to the top of the hill to keep an eye out for danger while the families grazed. He kept stretching, stretching, and stretching so he could see to warn the others. He was Stan’s great, great, great grandfather. This is where the saying, stick your neck out comes from!”

My purpose in telling this story is in setting up how you can begin a fun non-threatening way to talk about service-learning, bullying awareness, expectations and a culture of pride and respect. I have always had two rules, a consistent phrase I use and a signal to utilize to begin to speak no matter how big the crowd without raising my voice. I discuss all of this more in my book I hope to have out in the future.

How did the giraffe project go? We did well with it in our middle school. We raised our academic scores, decreased our amount of behavior issues and identified additional areas to support children.

Learn more about creating a giraffe project in your school and community at the link below. Many materials are free. If you need information on bullying, please feel free to connect with Dr. Dorothy Espelage on Twitter @DrDotEspelage


Make Monday’s Matter!


The weekend is over! Tomorrow is Monday! Oh boy, here we go.

Monday seems to get a negative vibe without even giving it a chance sometimes. Each day is a gift in itself if we shift our minds into thinking things differently!

In my career, I have always mixed up the days by calling them something different to change the tones. I did this as a Teaching Assistant and through my various positions in education.

Each day brings to each of use different challenges, choices, experiences, hope, rewards and sometimes hardships. It is in those areas we grasp our need to reach out for support to help us.

Solutions to our situations may not always be a quick answer, but a moment of encouragement can free the mind to have a sliver of hope needed to move to the next hurdle.

Life is not easy and unfortunately, our children are seeing those times right now. We have to all agree the pandemic has touched every life! Lives have been changed at different levels.

It is up to us to begin today to always make Monday matter and each day after that. Positive, optimistic, and supportive confirmation to those we serve will provide them with the push needed to face those barriers in front of them.

I will continue to share more ideas for themes you can use, but if you need help, please reach out to me. I am happy to help any of you make a difference in the lives of those you serve. Blessings to all on a meaningful Monday!


Wednesday Wisdom @ASCD

Monday Magic Questions

Monday’s always provide a new start to a work week with an extra cup of energy to boost you into gear! As the gears begin to turn on the commute into work it is a great time to pop in Monday Magic Questions!

Questions start the gears moving in the direction of solutions to problems you may not know to exist. Why? You have not asked the magic question!

One of my previous posts was titled. Can you help? What if the question today for everyone was, How can I help? A twist on the question but a completely different impact. If everyone in your work setting asked, how can I help? How do you react?

I have had the nickname Pollyanna and Hallmark. I do like to look at things more positively, but why not? The link I will share below will provide you with information regarding how people feel about the workplace. I have designed several professional developments regarding positive culture and climate. One of my favorites was for a new Superintendent and her team. Part of the development design for her was to create a way for people to know her message and build a strong positive relationship. We did a letter of assurances to staff. I believe, I will, I am, I have and statements to let them know leadership was in their corner.

A warning to all when you make assurances they need to be genuine and followed through on. This will make or break your climate and culture!

More Magic Monday questions will come as you continue to grow, lead and succeed! When people know you care for them, they will care for you! If you model what you want to do, they will do the same for you. Please let me know how I can help you!


Job Satisfaction Statistics (Editor’s Choice):

  • Only 20% of American employees feel enthusiastic about their jobs.
  • Only 55% of Americans are either satisfied or fully satisfied with what they do.
  • 33% of the American workers think that they are at their career’s dead end.
  • 21% of employees are very keen to change their careers.
  • 63% of the employees feel more committed to their organization when their employers treat them with respect.
  • 32% of the employees feel pressured to not take any time off.
  • 70% of the employees say they feel more driven to work hard when they get a vacation for a week or so.
  • 95% of American employers think that their financial wellness packages are effective to reach the company goals.