The “How” of instruction

As we look at our plans for next school year, we need to look at more than the “what,” “why,” and “when.” It is the “how” we do instruction.

Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a significant part of the school foundation. However, many of the PLCs are just in name only and cannot support the questions needing answers.

Effective PLCs spend their meeting time asking questions about “how” they will teach a lesson. As Covid-19 turned our worlds upside down education found different ways to approach instruction. However, the questions remain with the same level of importance.

Consider these points:

  • No matter where instruction takes place, the question how needs to be asked and answered.
  • No matter when instruction takes place, the question how needs to be asked and answered.
  • No matter what instruction takes place, the question how needs to be asked and answered.

To keep moving forward and growing, the question “how” is needed. Are you asking “how” you are going to instruct a particular concept? Have you explored the best approach and strategies?

As you prepare to end this school year and move to the next, “how” will you deal with instruction? This is a fundamental question to ask and answer. Schools can only improve if the teaching focuses on the work the PLC is doing, looking, reviewing, analyzing of data and discussions on how the lessons are working to support the learner.

Looking at what you will teach will have you looking at focusing on priority standards. They are keeping students working to achieve their goals at grade level and above.

To assist with how instruction will take place, utilizes assessments to help guide your instruction—determining how effective the lessons are to support learners in their mastery of skills. A great deal can be done to support instruction


Leaders can help along with staff in working out a plan to rearrange staff best to support the needs of students. How will we best serve our students with our approach?

How will you improve your instruction? Share thoughts, ideas, and information on how your teams are working to focus instruction. All of the questions have value but concentrate on how instruction serves the learners best.

Thank you for being the solution daily!

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