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Opportunity-Grant money for Computer Science Principles

An opportunity for $1million dollars awards to one middle and high school school in every U.S. state of $10,000 to help establish a computer science education with To be eligible a school must commit to: Add a new Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A, or Computer Science Discoveries course using to your course schedule. Describe how you plan … Continue reading Opportunity-Grant money for Computer Science Principles

Artificial- Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning are constant. However, the approach constantly changes with resources, tools, strategies, programs, and enhancements. The evolution over the years is incredible when you look at pictures of classrooms a decade ago compared to the one's today. Artificial The addition of technology and artificial intelligence influences has impacted the educational setting. ‘Hey, Siri, … Continue reading Artificial- Teaching and Learning

Safety- Elementary Leaders Please Share

Teaching children about safety is so important. As a focus for all of us this year, we need to make safety in all areas a priority. Safety is not just a simple conversation but a continuation of many discussions. We can begin with a short checklist. Remind students oftenCheck safety lists oftenMonitor online usageTalk openly … Continue reading Safety- Elementary Leaders Please Share