Spiritual Sunday-Scriptures Daily (1)

In Romans 12:18, we are reminded of the importance of seeking peace, even in situations beyond our control. While we cannot dictate how others choose to respond, we can take charge of our own attitudes and behaviors. Rather than succumbing to someone else’s anger or bitterness, we have the power to control ourselves and act in a way that promotes harmony.

“Two Rules Philosophy is based in seeking to help guide in learning how to self-regulate and learn the importance of taking the time to pause before making a choice in saying or doing.Everyone will feel good and everyone will feel safe.

One practical way to encourage peace is by being mindful of our words, actions, and conduct. Instead of adding fuel to the fire of discord, we can choose to be a source of calming influence. When we are deliberate in our speech, choosing words of kindness and understanding, we pave the way for constructive dialogue and reconciliation.

Living in accordance with God’s principles is essential in this pursuit of peace. Our focus should not be on pleasing people, but on aligning our lives with what is right and just in the eyes of God. When we consistently uphold these values, it becomes evident to everyone around us that our actions are guided by a higher purpose.

Listening is another crucial aspect of promoting peace. By truly listening to others, we demonstrate respect and empathy for their perspectives, even if we may disagree. In seeking to understand others, we open the door to finding common ground and potential solutions to conflicts.

Romans 12:18 teaches us that while we cannot control every circumstance or person, we have the ability to influence the atmosphere around us by seeking peace through our own actions. Living righteously and upholding God’s principles helps us become agents of peace in the midst of discord. Let us learn to listen attentively, treat others with kindness, and strive to create a world where peace and understanding prevail.

“Be the solution daily in a world which needs you.”

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