Leadership, What is working?

There are many different styles of leadership and at times we may find ourselves utilizing various components as we work to be solution-focused to unravel the issues we face. We can no longer be leaders of instruction and curriculum. Leaders in the day of Covid-19 need to be prepared for the rapid changes, responses to the growing needs and pivot with ease in knowing how to respond with the skills you need.

I featured Illinois Principal Association last week as a resource I have utilized for decades. In addition, there are many other sources I utilize as well as leaders I genuinely respect. One of those leaders is Peter DeWitt. He is the author of several books and is someone to follow. A seat at the table is a great resource! I have the link below for you. He does podcasts, articles, blogs and so much more! Visit his website at https://petermdewitt.com


Also join in with https://www.betterleadersbetterschools.com Take the opportunity to follow Daniel Bauer. If you want to find him on Twitter, it is @alienearbud Danny is an amazing leader with a wealth of knowledge and insight. Pick up his book Mastermind and continue to grow! Leaders keep getting better with opportunities to learn from other amazing leaders.

Research has fomented a debate focusing on the impact of transformational vs. instructional leadership. Has COVID changed our minds? — Read on www.edweek.org/leadership/opinion-transformational-vs-instructional-leadership-which-is-better/2021/10

I continue to enjoy learning, sharing, and discovering ways to lift leadership. Ken Blanchard is one of the leaders I have followed for years as well. His words always touch my heart, spirit and drive my passion for helping others. Use his words to inspire you as well!

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