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Help Kids Recover: New Resource Site for School Leaders Help Kids Recover is a joint campaign of national youth development and out-of-school-time organizations to help students reengage, reconnect, and recover from the pandemic’s impacts. The initiative’s new resource site provides evidence-based practices for implementing quality afterschool programs to help schools meet the American Rescue Plan’s goals of addressing students’ academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs. It also offers details on funding available by state and district, data on outcomes, and examples of funding plans and partnerships. Learn more about how the Help Kids Recover Campaign can help the students in your community today.

Published by Brenda Yoho

Christian,Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Aspiring Author, Motivator, Survivor, Leader, Coach, Mentor and a service agent living a life of purpose. Started my career in education as a teaching assistant, moved into the teaching role, followed by administration serving as Assistant Principal, Principal and Director of Educational Support Programs. Over my more than two decades of educational experience I have served as the Illinois Principals Association Illini Region Director and most recently as a mentor/coach for principals. In addition, I have presented at their conferences over the years. In my final years in administration I served also as the Illinois Association of Title Directors Vice President and Treasurer. I am a survivor of an indirect hit of lightning and an almost fatal accident with a semi truck that hit the car I was traveling in with my family. My daughter, granddaughter and close friend survived as well! My injuries were the most significant leaving lifelong damages.

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