What do you expect from others? What do they except from you?

“Great teachers have high expectations for their students, but even higher expectations for themselves.” -Todd Whitaker We find ourselves today in a garden full of weeds as we try to find the plants that are producing the quality we want in our garden of leaders. Many seeds have been planted, but the quality is notContinue reading “What do you expect from others? What do they except from you?”

Seeking Solutions

Dallas ISD reenvisions school year to tackle learning loss by Matt Zalaznick, March 11,2021 in District Administration As I read from many sources to find solutions to share, I discover educators and leaders seeking solutions to solve issues caused by the pandemic by thinking outside the box. The pandemic has pushed leaders to rely onContinue reading “Seeking Solutions”

Through the cracks, Don’t let them go!

As a teacher, have you ever been moved or gotten a new principal? Me too! It is a little scary because you don’t know them and they don’t know you. What do you do? Well, teach, like you always have! Making his rounds, the principal makes his way to my classroom. He pauses in theContinue reading “Through the cracks, Don’t let them go!”

Do you know a Johnny?

Mrs. Yoho, they need you. Johnny is having problems in the classroom. “Johnny, what is going on today? Let’s go walk and talk.” “I don’t like her. My teacher is not nice, and I don’t like those kids.” “Johnny, did you eat breakfast this morning?” “No” “I bet you didn’t take your medicine either.” “Nope.”Continue reading “Do you know a Johnny?”

Go Ahead, Judge Me! I know you are!

“What are you looking at?” “Look at what she is wearing.” “Can these kids do anything right?” “I can’t, the kids will make fun of me.” Phrases I have heard, I am sure you have too from kids and adults! Maybe you have even said them. I can remember walking through the halls of middleContinue reading “Go Ahead, Judge Me! I know you are!”

Happy Birthday 🎉

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known under his pseudonym “Dr. Seuss,” was probably the best-loved and the best-selling children’s book writer of all time! My childhood, my daughters and my grandchildren, have enjoyed these beautiful books! As an educator I passed on my love for the gift of reading with Dr. Suess books and now myContinue reading “Happy Birthday 🎉”

Making it Meaningful, Making Proffesional Development Stick @EducationalLeadership

I have found the essential way to support staff to continue to grow, offer them precisely what they want. Why would we continue to do our professional development in the same way we tell our staff they should not teach in the classroom? We need to differentiate! Jim Knight is an expert! The article heContinue reading “Making it Meaningful, Making Proffesional Development Stick @EducationalLeadership”

Tuesday Teaching Talk, on target

Making efforts daily to increase learning growth is the goal of every educator. As we walk by classrooms, visit a Zoom classroom or watch an online performance of the band learning is visible when teachers have strategies in place to enhance the classroom to meet the needs of all students. Every school has a curriculumContinue reading “Tuesday Teaching Talk, on target”

You’ve got mail, no delivery! Boxes

My first classroom! I am so excited! Everything is going to be great. All the decorations are up, books on the desk, classroom schedule posted, desks arranged and now I am ready for the children to arrive! I am nervous about my teaching. The teacher across the hall was one of my teachers in school.Continue reading “You’ve got mail, no delivery! Boxes”

Wednesday Words, they matter!

I want to give you a peace of mind. No, not a piece of mind! Words and their usage can be confusing. When you add-in tone, body language and biases, then it rises to a deeper level. Language used in any setting influences those who are receiving the communication. They can recognize the power inContinue reading “Wednesday Words, they matter!”