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Make the first move! It is Monday!

Do you hold yourself back? Are you afraid to try something, ask a question, or make a big move? Maybe you are thinking of a career change, and you are making lists of the reasons to say yes and no. Well, what is it? Make the first move on whatever you are thinking that is holding you back from a positive impact on your life.

I was telling my granddaughter about the first time I tried out from the high school dance team. I had made up the routine and worked with the group of girls trying out with me. After all, I had been dancing for years.

The day came for tryouts, and I had a couple of girls not sure of themselves. Being the person I am, I looked at them a couple of times to reassure them during tryouts. You guessed it; everyone made it but me.

It was a tough time for me but a great lesson as well. It helped me gain more strength, determination, and courage. I tried out again and made it the next three years. Was making the squad going to help me for my career path? It did! I learned a great deal about leadership, teamwork, and compassion. The most critical skills for me were courage, determination, and confidence.

Find common ground with your team and yourself. List any barriers standing in the way of moving forward to gain positive results. Tackle just one today. Get one off the list. When you can get a win the rest will begin to come into place!

Today I am going to address the labels I have placed on myself. These are coming off today as I focus on the rewrite of my book. I do believe I have words, thoughts and ideas to help others make tomorrow better than today!

Let’s be the solution daily for ourselves and others today!

Searching for solutions

Setting the tone of your day with the tune of your mind is not always easy. Turn the station to focus on solutions instead of focusing on problems will have you stepping to a new rhythm.

When I go back and review my daily devotions, I often find my way. Today has many opportunities no need to worry about tomorrow; let’s do all we can today to bring love, praise, hope, and peace.

Be the solution daily so others will follow, and tomorrow will be better than today! Thank you for all you do! Share the message, comment on more ways to be the solution, and together we can.

Wednesday Wisdom

I believe every day is an opportunity. It is our choice what we do each day with the gift we receive. As the warmth of the day brushes against my cheek, it reminds me of the importance of waking the fire in the soul to work for all that is important.

My message today is to remind you of the light you have, the purpose stirring inside, and those in need of your support to reach their full potential. It takes each one of us to continue to lift up to be better than we are today.

Be the solution daily as we make our tomorrow brighter!

Do you have to agree with everything to like someone?

As I began to write, I reviewed what I have done to this point. What am I trying to accomplish? Is anyone reading, do people like what I am writing, and how do I know?

The purpose of my writing is to provide help, support, encouragement, and to gain interest in my writing to publish my book Two Rule School. I am not seeking to make lots of money but to be the solution for others as they seek out answers. We know we get into professional careers of service to serve others, not ourselves.

In my blog title, I ask an essential question that holds people back when looking for solutions. We limit ourselves when we eliminate others because of positions, religious beliefs, political parties they belong to , and biases we place on others.

Opening our minds and hearts provide us with opportunities to see different perspectives on issues to find solutions. It is the egos and wanting to gain power at times that get in the way of the greater good for all.

In order to find solutions, our ears must be used to hear others. Right now leadership is needed more than ever in our society. “In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.”-Marianne Williamson

One of my favorite Presidents is Abraham Lincoln. It is not because of all the things that first come to mind. He was from the Republican party, and many other factors come to mind that contributes to why someone would select him as a favorite. Mine comes from studying him as a child. He failed many times, but he never gave up. He was not that attractive, but he did not care what people said about how he looked. He fought to make things fair for everyone. As a child, this inspired me. I was battling some of these same things. I wanted everyone to be treated fairly; it did not matter how you looked and failed to try again.

We need to look at communities. We have all decided to have a home in a place we call community. However, the community of today is not the same as the communities from many years ago. We do not know who lives next door in most cases.

To begin to pick up the pieces and start healing, we have to reconnect our communities. We need a collective we in our community to grow, start healing, stop violence and start working together to raise together.

Our country is better than anything we have seen since this Covid-19 hit our country. It has placed a tremendous amount of stress, fear, and unrest on us. We need to begin to make a shift to get back together to solve our issues together. We can work in a respectful, peaceful, and logical way.

Start today with understanding your community and its history. Volunteer, get involved with a group, or attend some events. Meet some of the people in your community. Start with your school if you have children, the library, grocery store, and the post office. Many ways to begin to connect!

Thank you for being the solution daily! Let’s connect!

Food for thought on Friday

I have three quotes to review, reflect and respond. Please share your thoughts. Start a discussion. Pose a question. Share with others. How could we use these with our teams?

Possibilities 1
Possibilities 2
Possibilities 3

I am looking forward to the possibilities! Thank you for being part of the solution daily!

Most, More, Maximum!

This morning when I woke up I decided to make the most out of the day. After all it is Monday and if I don’t get some things done, but most of it done it will be good.

If I think I can get most things done, maybe I should try to do more. If I do more than most, then tomorrow I can do less! Because doing most is good, but more is better.

If I follow this pattern, will it work? How will I ever get to maximum? Will I ever build-up to reach the top of the ladder thinking this way?

Making the most out of every day helps you have more days to benefit from the maximum results needed to succeed! So today is not just Monday; it is the best day ever!

Thank you for being the solution daily! If we each do our part our days will always shine bright.

Where do you find motivation?

It is the weekend! A time to relax, enjoy time with family and friends! However, some work on the weekend and have different days off! What do you do to get motivated to return to work?

I am hearing reports of businesses having difficulties finding people to fill their open positions. What is needed to help us become motivated?

If you could provide your boss or others with what to do to attract or keep employees, what would it be? How can we help others with motivation?

Let’s find some motivation solutions! Please share your thoughts and solutions! Thank you for being part of the solution daily!

I am looking forward to your ideas!

Making Memories, Monday

This is from one of our favorite places to get treats! Royal Donut in Danville, Illinois, is one of the places my grandchildren always want to stop!

I had some medical procedures done last week as a reminder never to take life for granted. I reunited with my original doctor from the ’90s, who first diagnosed me with Crohn’s disease. It was great to see him and talk about the many medical issues I have had over the years.

I am still in remission, so this was great news! A reminder of reducing stress, monitoring your diet, getting plenty of rest, and exercise. The most important lesson is to make memories every day!

My husband and I have always loved to fish! Fishing is one pastime we have in common. He has taken it to a higher level with competitive bass fishing that I support him in when he wants to compete. However, we enjoy going out on the lake. We were able to do a great deal of catch and release on our last fishing trip. We kept a few to share with our family and friends, but this big catch was released. She was able to go back and enjoy bringing more life to the lake!

A 16 inches long crappie

Our grandkids love to come to visit, and we love to have them! We are blessed to have three wonderful ones! Today I will share about our two grandsons and will share next time about our “teenage” granddaughter. Oh, how they grow so fast!

Abram is our Kindergarten student who could remind you of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory with his intellectual approach and sometimes quirky ways. He can name all of the planets, tell you descriptions of animals, and tell you what country has the peacock as their national bird. He remembers this information when it is presented to him. His favorite thing to do is to have you ask him math questions or to ask you questions. The love for dinosaurs is not lost as he has embraced it completely. Yes, you guessed it! He can name them all and tell you about those as well!

We built a T-Rex on his latest visit and several other activities that included making things for his siblings. The love they have for each other is heartwarming. They openly express it, and I hope it never fades.

Alden is our three-year-old who desperately wants to be like his brother! He has captured the art of storytelling, and he utilizes his eyes and facial expressions to emphasize his message. Whenever he tells you about something that has happened to him, it happened on “Wednesday.” Wednesday seems to be his favorite day of the week. This is the day everything happens in his life. We have no idea why, but it is. He enjoys playing with the train tracks, playdough, and building things in general. But he still wants to sit with me and read! Reading is what I love the most. His brother is reading now, and Alden wants to read too! He will read to me based on the pictures. They love Brown Bear, Brown Bear! I know they will get too big before I know it to sit on my lap or next to me to read, but for now, we will make a memory.

Moo Moo let me read you a story! ( Yes they all call me Moo Moo!)

Thank you for following my blog and being part of the solution daily. Together in life, we make memories and share lessons learned to provide hope for the future. Make a memory today as we help mold the foundation for the future.

Saturday SMILE

“Each day is a gift we unwrap. As you open your eyes to greet the day, find a way to set your mind to make it the best in every way. No matter the forecast outside, our hearts will bring a smile from inside to outside to brighten the day. If not you, then who will start to make this positive change today!”