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Potential, Purpose & Passion

Thursday is a day for thinking and thoughts. I am thinking lots of P words today! This week has focused on Potential. In the past posts, I have mentioned Purpose and Passion. I often talk about your spiritual side and the power of prayer. Maybe we should ponder on these P words today to see if we can bring them together to project, protect and propel to our future with success!


We have discovered a great deal about Potential. In each one of us, we have skills, abilities, desires, and dreams. It is when the key is found to unlock the doors to open us up to the “shoulds” to “coulds” and believing in ourselves. Different people hold the keys during the journey of our life.

Building trust relationships allow the keys to unlock the full potential inside each one. We cannot grow, learn and develop when we close our minds. No key can open a door with multiple locks. The importance of building positive relationships is essentional. As I continue to talk with you about Two Rules, the significance of this as a foundational piece is critical. No one can grow in a place where they do not feel good or safe, where people choose to be part of the problem and not the solution.


Your purpose fuels the drive to find your potential. If someone asked you to describe the meaning of purpose, what would you say? It is a great question, and I hope you ask others within your team. You need to think about the question and come up with some thoughts and then read on. The thoughts I share are my thoughts.

Purpose to me is Why. It is the why in everything I do. When I break it down to a simple phrase, I always come up with the same answer. “Bringing value, joy, love, and service to others.” My phrase: Be the solution daily. It is how I approach each day in everything I do. Is it perfect each day? Absolutely not; I am human, so I make lots of mistakes. It is the efforts that count.


When you hear the word passion, what do you think of first? If you are like me, you think of feelings of love. I describe passion: “Passion is the emotion behind our Purpose. We begin with the love of what we are doing, working on, or the excitement of being part of it. Then it becomes our purpose with a more focused agenda. When purpose begins, so does the plan to achieve. Passion is the dream to believe, and Purpose is the plan to achieve!”

I hope you have enjoyed the past and present posts on Potential, Purpose, and Passion. People are brought into our lives to help us plan, prepare and ponder on our thoughts. Pieces of our plans can project significant meaning to others, and some, may not find meaning. When our message is not precise, clear, and targeted to our audience, confusion sets in, and the plan fails.

Portray each day who you are authentically and believe in yourself. The approach of your passion and purpose will take you very far. Your potential is not measured by what you achieve, the titles you hold, or the money you earn. Others measure potential in how you supported, guided, and helped create a better tomorrow than today. I can remember the day I received the phone call from MaryAnn Moore asking me if I would consider coming to join her team. I would work as her teaching assistant. I did! I stayed with her, learning and growing. I became a teacher with her and then left to be a classroom teacher. My growth continued, but it started with a phone call from her and the belief I could make a difference.

What is stopping you from your Potential, Purpose, and Passion? Take the step today or pick up the phone to jump-start it for someone! #Bethesolutiondaily

Who turned off the Light

Sitting on the beach, listening to the waves, feeling the warmth of the sunlight rays…….

Do you sea what I see?

“I don’t know; what do you see?”

The beauty of the sea is what I see!

“How can you see beauty in this world full of noise, negativity, the day turned to night and darkness.”

Just take a little walk, and see what the sea is all about!

Everything returned to the ocean to save them!
Seahorse washed in on a shell.

People are so busy pointing out, looking at, and always finding problems they fail to look at the beauty all around and solutions found. They are always talking about dollars. We saw several on our walk today, and they brought lots of joy to those who saw them.

“They are not talking about the same kind of dollar, but I think I know what you are saying. It is time to focus on what is important in your life. What brings you joy? We have faced, are facing, and will continue to face difficulties. During these times, we need to find time to bring joy into our lives.”

Exactly! We need joy, peace of mind and hope. When we face challenges and difficulties we cannot make it harder on ourselves by adding to it. If we do that, we turn off the light that can help us see.

“I am glad you were able to show the sea to me as you see it. I hope others can see we all share this sea, and looking only at problems keeps the lights turned off in a time when we need to keep the lights turned on!”

Don’t turn off the lights, be the one to turn them on by shining a light on the positives and solutions.

“If we do not radiate the light of Christ around us, the sense of the darkness that prevails in the world will increase.”-Mother Teresa

Spring is near!

It is time to spring forward with our time! Think about our planting season in our gardens and flower beds. As we think about all of this growth, what will we do to nourish ourselves to grow?

I will start! I have started my walking routine. We are eating healthier in my home. (However, I am still eating my sweets. Sorry, not sorry. This girl needs ice cream!) I am taking my cancer medication and doing okay. I will begin my treatments next week! I am reading every day and writing! I will continue to nourish myself with all of these things, spend more time with family friends and train my mind to think of positive solutions more.

A space with a story…

My focus this week is on safety. We find safety in places where we feel comfortable, connected, and relate. Looking at your current surroundings as you read this post, what do you see in your space? I am sure you found elements directly related to your comfort, happiness, and inspiration. Maybe you have pictures, photos, or unique pieces to remind you of the love, joy, and relationships in your life. You have your favorite colors, things, and items placed around you. What about the place you are sitting, comfy blanket, pillow, or cup of your favorite beverage? All of these things add up to provide you with the feeling of safety and comfort.

If I described my safe and comfy place, you would find various things. In my space you find a variety of books from religious, history, thriller, mystery, drama, children books, professional books of teaching, leadership, coaching, mentoring, business, and the list continues. Books are everywhere! You will find notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, and coloring pencils: art materials, paint, brushes, and many other crafty materials. I have a blanket on my chair and all of my technology devices. You will not find the TV remote in my area as this does not interest me as much as reading, writing and creating.

In addition, you will find family pictures around me and throughout the house. Mainly my grandchildren! I have positive, inspirational, and spiritual messages throughout the house. My family says I am like the TV commercial where the guy talks about all of the signs you do not need! We need them. They are there to remind you of turning thoughts into positive ones constantly. One of the most important parts is the smells. I have different smells in each area. I love those scented plugins I get from Bath and Body! I do not have a strong sense of smell, but it comforts me to know they are there.

Your story, your space

As you walk into your work area, what does the setup tell others? As you walk into your building, classroom, office, or restrooms, what story is being said about your space? What goal do you have, and what message do you want to be sent?

I mentioned restrooms because these are so important to outside visitors, as well as those there daily. I once had a visitor come back to the interviewing room and say, “I am impressed by your restroom. You have all of those great soaps and inspirational messages. I love the spiritual messages you have in the restroom.” It was an effort of all staff to create this space, and it was noticed.

One of my former bosses felt that the outside of the building also told a story. He wanted everyone to see the pride we had by looking at our outside and knowing the inside must be great as well! It is what you want your story to be. In creating spaces, it is vital to think about how it makes everyone feel. Do they have input in helping to design the areas to support safety and comfort?

Safe Place

We want environments where everyone feels good and safe. Two Rule philosophy establishes our thought process to always look at these two aspects. Are your environments creating spaces to reflect Two Rule philosophy? How can you make changes to help improve?

Look at the structure of your areas and determine what needs improvement. Ask for input. Make changes and see how it changes the way everyone feels. Designate areas for quiet spaces for others to use when the world’s noise gets to be too loud. Libraries are great spaces to create spaces like this. Look at the rooms in other areas and see how welcoming they are to others. Do you have spots for people to sit and talk? Is the building reflective of all? One of the things I loved to do was put pictures of people up with positive messages. An example:

  • Picture of staff with- A staff member of the week because….. Staff member recognized by student name and comment
  • Student of the Month for Gratitude (Name of Character trait)
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Honor Roll
  • Friends helping Friends- (Students recognizing other students for helpful acts)
  • The list can go on with creative ideas to include everyone. Each individual has something to celebrate!

Tell your story in your space

Let others see, know and feel the story you are telling in your space. Do not let them have the pen to write it or the brush to paint the picture of who you are. Make areas reflect safety, a good feeling, and a place everyone wants to be.

We need leaders to be?

I asked the question in a poll on LinkedIn what do you expect most from leaders. I did not have much participation, but enough to reflect what I believe I knew people desire. The choices were trust, integrity, and other. Integrity received the most votes (64%), followed by trust (27%) and then other. (9%) We need leaders to be so many things in this unprecedented world of today.

Integrity is an essential key to the doorway for building trust, both for ourselves and in our relationships. You build self-trust by evaluating your behaviors. Are your behaviors and actions in line with your principles? Your core values are the foundation of what you stand on and believe is right. People look to see if you talk, walk, stand, and live by them daily. If you do not have integrity, you will not or do not have trust.

Leaders are

  • Leaders are readers
  • Leaders are learners
  • Leaders are confident
  • Leaders are positive
  • Leaders are patient
  • Leaders are humble
  • Leaders are servants
  • Leaders are innovators
  • Leaders are creative
  • Leaders are communicators
  • Leaders are listeners
  • Leaders are courageous
  • Leaders are solution-focused
  • Leaders are motivational
  • Leaders are inspirational
  • Leaders are hopeful
  • Leaders are supportive
  • Leaders are……… many things, but what are you?

What do you need Leaders to be? If you are a leader, who do you want to be? It is not about what we do but who we become. People can do many things each day to help the day be better than yesterday. You become “who” makes every day brighter from the light you share for others to see as they strive to develop into the “who” they are becoming.

What do we want to create? Why is it important? Who do you want to become? When our job is complete will we be proud of all that is accomplished? The W questions are always the best to ask in order to place a Win in your column of achievements in a world counting on you!

Lead from where you are and continue to be the solution daily for a world in need! Make it a great day or not, the choice is always your to make.

Creativity expands!

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

Creativity brings value to life. You can see, hear, feel and explore all elements. Through your imagination, you can expand on what everyone experiences to enhance with new thoughts. As a thinker and “tinker,” your intelligence leads you to fun, innovative ideas and attracts others to join in the fun! The essential part of creativity is seeing more solutions than problems, which is my style!

I have so many people I admire, am blessed to know, and experience- good, challenging, trauma-filled, one-of-a-kind times and opportunities to fill my heart, soul, and mind! This wealth of knowledge, information, and experience will fill these pages to bring all of this to you!

Maya Angelou was always one of my favorites! She passed away from this life, but her voice and messages live on as long as others cherish her work to share with others. History can be filled with many things, events, trauma and challenges. However, I never want to lose any of it as we gain so much from it. How to overcome, unite, strategize, innovate and create!

Creativity generates or recognizes ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems. It formulates ways of communicating with others. It helps to find ways of entertaining ourselves and others. We think of creativity in writing, art, music, acting, dance, and all art forms.

Being part of the solution is creative! It is an art form! You will be thinking in many ways to find the right solution for the problem. One of my all-time favorite clips of Maya Angelou is in the link shared below. She provides you with the Top 10 Rules:

  • Just Do Right
  • Be Courageous
  • Love (Self-Love is critical )
  • Be a blessing to somebody
  • Turn struggles into Triumphs (my favorite- is not to let anything or anyone crush what you know you can do!)
  • Learn to say no
  • Always do your best
  • Keep rising (The best one 🌟)

Expanding creativity in your home, school, organization and life; will enhance unlimited possibilities and offer solutions!

Celebrate Each Day! How?

We can find something to celebrate every day! The solution to the problem of negative effects is positive actions! If you want to turn problem frowns into solution smiles, find things to celebrate! My husband, Zeke, celebrates his birthday this week. He thinks we should celebrate every day, so we will! Why not! To prepare for the week of celebrations, you will be glad to know that today January 16, 2022, is National Nothing Day! So celebrate today by doing absolutely nothing to rest up for the rest of the celebrations this week!

Celebration Calendar

The place to find what to celebrate each day of the year!
  • January 16- National Nothing Day
  • January 17- Martin Luther King Birthday
  • January 18- National Winnie the Pooh Day
  • January 19- National Popcorn Day ( makes sense. It is my dad’s birthday)
  • January 20- National Cheese Lovers Day or Zeke’s Day in my house
  • January 21- National Hug Day (With COVID, I know we shouldn’t, but?)
  • January 22- National Blonde Brownie Day

Tag me @BrendaYoho on Twitter #️⃣ with a picture celebrating your favorite day this week. Also, on Instagram, brenda.yoho! I can’t wait to see your photos! I will share mine as well. If you find out how we can propose celebrating a day, let me know. I think we need a Be the Solution Daily Day! Thanks for being part of the solution! Celebrate!