Lifelong Learning

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”~William Buttle Yeats The moment you take your first breath until you take your last, I believe we are learning. The level of our learning depends on what we desire to do. The limitations to learning are the ones we place onContinue reading “Lifelong Learning”


“Life is not always what one wants it to be. A turn right instead of the left can make a difference on the path you choose. It is when you decide to make the best of it, as it is, even when the choices are not what you want to hear. Instead, you take eachContinue reading “Acceptance”

The Needs

When you wake up in the morning, the needs hit you right away! You have the need to get to the bathroom, find coffee, food of some kind, and find out the needs of the world around you! If you have pets, children, spouses, or others in need of your attention, then you are alreadyContinue reading “The Needs”

The story inside you

As a young child, I spent hours writing. I would write poems, wrote a daily journal, loved to write Bible verses, and would write songs for the church. My minister Rev. Leon Korb would sometimes share my songs or poems at church. He was always making me feel special. He was a special person inContinue reading “The story inside you”

Fundamental Friday

In our lives we have fundamental things, activities and principles that are important to us. We can believe strongly in some as an essential part of who we are or part of our purpose of being. People seeking meaning beyond themselves seem to be happier, healthier, and live longer. I have no data to confirmContinue reading “Fundamental Friday”

Always learning

“Mom, can you pick up the kids at school on Thursday for me? Just bring them and meet me at my school so I can get them to their practice. Alex is going to get Alden from his school.” I love every chance I get to be with the grandchildren. They are the best! AbramContinue reading “Always learning”

Expectations with good intentions!

“Today is my first day of student teaching. I have to say I am a little nervous. What will they expect from me today?” “Just be yourself and do what you know is best. You know what you are doing, ” said my husband. Dropping my daughter off at my parent’s house, I continued myContinue reading “Expectations with good intentions!”

Best practice to Effective practice: Always changing to grow!

We all work to improve, be better, and implement best practices. We read, look at the research, apply our knowledge and experience. In discussions with our colleagues and our relationships with others, we learn how these practices are working. All of our efforts work together, along with a sound implementation plan to make continuous improvementsContinue reading “Best practice to Effective practice: Always changing to grow!”

Through the cracks, Don’t let them go!

As a teacher, have you ever been moved or gotten a new principal? Me too! It is a little scary because you don’t know them and they don’t know you. What do you do? Well, teach, like you always have! Making his rounds, the principal makes his way to my classroom. He pauses in theContinue reading “Through the cracks, Don’t let them go!”

You’ve got mail, no delivery! Boxes

My first classroom! I am so excited! Everything is going to be great. All the decorations are up, books on the desk, classroom schedule posted, desks arranged and now I am ready for the children to arrive! I am nervous about my teaching. The teacher across the hall was one of my teachers in school.Continue reading “You’ve got mail, no delivery! Boxes”