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In My Garden

Today started early for me when my husband looked out and saw that the “gang” of raccoons had turned my flowers upside down. I was so upset and then angry. I marched outside to begin the cleanup, and one of the “bandits” was under the mulberry tree. I turned on the house, and it scared him as he ran up the tree for safety. We do live by a county preserve, so having lots of wildlife on our property.

I can not let this be the mindset for the day. I finished the clean-up and began observing the growth of the flowers remaining in the landscaping around our home. We still live in the first home we purchased. It is our home. We have so many memories and comfort in this home.

So I snapped a few pictures of our flowers. It is enjoyable to stop and smell all flowers when you need to change your mindset!

Emotional- The Four Essential Skills

This Friday I bring to you Four Essential Skills of High-Performing Teams from the book Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0 written by Dr. Jean Greaves and Evan Watkins. I believe this book will help every organization. Who does not have emotions, feelings, moods, and behaviors? When you mix all of these together in working teams, the reciepe may be success and it may be a disaster. This book helps to develop an action plan to a pathway for high performing teams working together as they understand all of the ingredients the team has to offer each other.

The four essential skills covered in the plan are: Emotion Awareness, Emotional Management, Internal Relationship and External Relationship strategies. Each area is covered to help break down how to approach, understand, discover and apply all that is learned.

Emotion Awareness strategies are based on simply getting to know the group’s mood, emotional habits, feelings, and behaviors. Taking the time to identify these in each individual and as a team will help as the group builds together the compass to guide their efforts. It is the teams values that will be the compass to guide the group together through every obstacle on their journey. It is the beliefs which will provide the guidance in decision making and behavior. The book provides 11 strategies to achieve Emotion Awareness with your team. A great guide to building awareness!

Emotion Management strategies help respond to emotional situations, both good and bad. It is how to appropriately step in or step out of problems that can lead to escalation or de-escalation. There are 14 strategies discussed in the book to provide the team with a plan to improve in this area to support group norms and healthier ways to engage in team disagreements. The strategies are excellent in helping teams build a framework in utilizing their time together with purpose.

Internal Relationship strategies is bringing fun back into the work we do each day. Yes! We need to bring the joy back into work and building internal relationships is the first step. Building relationships should not be forced and should not seem like work. The book provides 14 strategies to support building internal relationships. It includes having fun and laughing! Relationships are critical in everything we do and this is an important piece of all the work we do.

External Relationship strategies is as important to your team as the relationships they have built as a team. The team is part of one big organization of work. The abilities to work together as a team is important, but reaching out to the rest of the organization in the common goals is critical to spotlight the work of the team, the needs and resources to continue to achieve. Showcasing each other in an organization helps to bring positives to everyone. Afterall, everyone is on the same team. There are 14 strategies to strengthen this area and to help avoid some mistakes that can occur.

We have faced many issues in the past few years, and they seem to be increasing, not decreasing. The trauma in our schools and society has left us in places where we need emotional support from each other. I encourage all leaders to embrace this approach as we continue to move forward in a world that requires us to work together to find solutions. Strengthen your teams with the support they need by providing all the resources, strategies, and tools required—# Bethesolutiondaily in a world that needs each one of you.

Learn about #TeamEQBook from TalentSmartEQ. Check out their new book, Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0: The Four Essential Skills of High Performing Teams, on Amazon–or from your favorite bookseller–today!

Friday Food thoughts

My Kentucky roots! Biscuits and gravy is what we have! Life is always great!
My staff always knew when I was feeling a little off I would say: Break time everyone in the car! Ice cream is what we need! Lemon and chocolate together is my favorite!
My thought on this is: I am on the Titanic Diet! I eat my dessert first always, because those on the ship wish they would have had it! Why would you ever take a chance on missing out on it.

The Fear of Friday and 13

Well, today is the day! It seems to bring fear to many as the unluckiest day of the year brings out that scary movie, and if you talk to teachers or ER people, it is a ridiculous day full of crazy behavior. When I say ridiculous, I mean this is when the children and people seem to have behaviors not usually seen on other days.

I have worked in both the medical and educational fields, so I have witnessed some of these behaviors and heard stories from the ER doctor I worked for who did a rotation in our office during the week. But I think it is not explained by the date or day. Some say the moon causes changes, but I do not know. I seemed to have seen some issues during a full moon. Is it all true? Can there be a way to change this? Is it in our heads? What is the big deal?

Superstitions have danced around for decades! Do not walk under a ladder, do not break a mirror, or have seven years of bad luck, do not let a black cat cross in front of you; the number 13 has been labeled unlucky. However, the ancient Chinese and Egyptians thought the number 13 was lucky.

“Long considered a harbinger of bad luck, Friday the 13th has inspired a late 19th-century secret society, an early 20th-century novel, a horror film franchise, and two unwieldy terms—paraskavedekatriaphobia and friggatriskaidekaphobia—that describe fear of this supposedly unlucky day.”- The Western superstition is still going strong I believe or is it?

Do you believe it is superstition? What ones did I not mention? Do you think we need to know about it? I know many stories, sayings, and things to remember passed on from generation to generation. When you get married you need something new, something borrowed and something blue. I think I got it right!

It is Friday, and it happens to be the 13th. I say have a fun Friday with friends and family! Fantastic things happen when you bring people together to enjoy the beauty of the space we share in joy and happiness. I stick with my faith!