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Message received

Every day, we receive messages from others in many different ways. We also send messages in various ways as well. Managing all of these communications can be overwhelming, but we can also mishandle messages. What we say, the body language we use, and the tones used to send messages to others. I know for myself, … Continue reading Message received

Timing Tuesday- When do you communicate negative news?

When do you call home, send a note home to report negative concerns? When do you send report cards home? How do you communicate negative concerns? What do people say about your communications? Communication is essential. It must be timely and accurate. Keeping others informed is critical in maintaining a focus on improvement. Feedback ensures … Continue reading Timing Tuesday- When do you communicate negative news?

Wednesday Words, they matter!

#Bethesolutiondaily I want to give you a peace of mind. No, not a piece of mind! Words and their usage can be confusing. When you add-in tone, body language and biases, then it rises to a deeper level. Language used in any setting influences those who are receiving the communication. They can recognize the power … Continue reading Wednesday Words, they matter!

Tell us Thursday! No, I don’t think so!

“Take these test papers home and have a parent sign them. Bring them back and place on my desk tomorrow. Make sure your parents go over these tests with you.” Sally took her test paper from the teacher and saw the big red F. It was math, and she was not doing so well after … Continue reading Tell us Thursday! No, I don’t think so!