We Can Wednesday with TWO RULES (2)

Rumor Has It

I don’t know about you, but I love Adele! One of her songs talks about rumors and for most of us think of them as being socially inappropriate. However, I would like to encourage you to spread rumors about your school whenever you can!

When I was transferred to be a middle school principal, many people asked me what had happened.

“What do you mean?”

You must have done something terrible to get demoted to a school like that from the school you were at.

“No, the principal left suddenly, and they had to move someone to the position. I don’t think I did anything, and it is not a demotion.”

Everyone thought the school I was going to was horrible and known for fighting. Whether it is true or not, the rumor has it!

The first thing I wanted to do, was to change the rumor! How can we change the rumors about our school? Start our rumors. We began working to change our school culture and also, at the same time, change the way people viewed our school.

  • Make a list of the ways you can start a rumor
  • What are the things you want people to know about your school?
  • How can we help others see what has changed?
  • Who can we tell?
  • How often do we tell our rumors?

It does not take long for rumors to get started and spread. It seems positive rumors take a little longer and requires more of them evidence. So get busy making your story one for the headlines!

Two Rules

Last week we talked about the Two Rules of feeling good and feeling safe. In every situation in our lives, those two elements are essential for our well-being. If we take the time to identify what makes us feel good about where we are and what helps us to feel safe, do you think it is the same for all of us? I believe we will find a majority of similarities and also a few differences. The small amount of differences is something we need to explore.

When establishing rules, we consider the majority and briefly consider the minority. In Two Rules, we ask individuals to think about themselves and then about everyone else. This time of reflection allows time to view all of those around them. I believe they will capture many thoughts and ideas as they pause. Teaching our children to take this time to pause is building up their abilities in self-regulation, calming, deeper thinking, and moving away from judgments. It will capture more individuals within the area, reducing those left out in prior decision-making techniques.

Two Rules is a strong foundation for building many needed skills, attributes, and core values in our complex, changing world. It is impressive to observe children working through issues as they use the process.

Asking questions is an important skill taught with Two Rules and understanding how to process the answers received.

My thoughts for inspiration

The sunrise brings the light of the day and possibilities. Clouds arrive to shade the day, to get rain showers to water the seeds, or to wash away your dreams if you choose.

It is when you choose to see through the clouds to the light of the sun, which will break through in time for a short glimpse of a beautiful rainbow to remind you of the hope in the day. Every day is full of possibilities when you choose to see it in a different way.

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