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The path to success begins with one choice

“A problem cannot be solved by the same consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

Taking a walk with my husband through the park just down the road is a peaceful path to follow. We choose to move to our home because of the area and the beautiful surroundings.

What path have you chosen to travel? Are you living the life you visioned to have? We make many choices in our life. When a choice is made, the following action steps begin our travel down the path. Depending on the choice, it could lead you forward, backward, or standing in place.

One Choice

Life is a gift we are given to create opportunities of choosing. If you pause for a moment, think about the choices you have made in just one day. One is a powerful word. One candle brings light to brighten the darkness. One hand provides the support to help climb the stairs. One smile can bring positive spirits to others. One day can bring hope for better days to come. One prayer can help bring healing to others.

Where are you on your life path? Is this where you expected to be? Do you or others complain about the life you have? What would be the choice you would make to change? What do you need to be to have the vision you see?

One of the essential lessons to know is that your past cannot be changed. You will change your future by changing the one choice you make and the actions you take today. Change is always happening, and we should be aware of guiding the direction of the changes with the choices we make.

Path to Success

To find the path to success, we need to do a few things to prepare for the travel. Here are a few things to identify, resolve and do:

More Leadership Success

We will continue to discuss leadership skills, habits, goals, and resources. Writing, reflecting, and networking with others help keep yourself focused on your success.

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