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Wisdom from Women

Emily Dickinson is one of the American poets I have loved over my years. As a high school student, I can remember reading and studying her poetry, as well as others. I so enjoyed learning about all of the talented writers.

My favorite quotes from Emily Dickinson include:

Mother Teresa is revered for her lifelong dedication to others, most notably to the poor masses of India. Her compassion and devotion to this work saved nearly 8,000 lives earning her the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Her service leadership always inspired me to want more for others. The words she shares continue to inspire and encourage continued work to serve. My favorite quotes from her are many, but I will narrow my list to include:

Rosa Parks has always spoken the word courage to me. In 1955, she refused to give up her seat on the bus. I studied in school about Civil Rights Movements and the work completed by many to flighty for equity in America. Social injustice and a nation divided, this small voice became the most vital voice by simply not giving in. The actions of Rosa Parks gave thousands of individuals the courage to speak up and out. My favorite quotes include:

There are many women who share words of wisdom, providing inspiration, motivation, and courage. I can continue to add thousands of names—some of the women known world-wide and some known only by a few. You may be one of those women or you may know a woman who falls into this description. Take a few moments to think about the women you know or have known who have/had an impact on your life. Have you had the chance to tell them? Take this moment to drop them a note, give them a call or an email. Let women know the impact they have provided.

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